Liberty Health Marijuana Dispensary and Delivery in Sarasota, FL

2067 Siesta Drive
Sarasota, FL 34239

Hours of Operation:

Mon – Fri 10 – 7
Sat 10 – 5
Sun 12 – 5

Payment Methods:

ATM On-Site
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Sarasota – A Liberty Health Sciences dispensary is now open at 2067 Siesta Dr in Sarasota, FL 34239 to service Siesta Key, Bee Ridge, Sarasota Springs, Gulf Gate Estates, and Sarasota county in general.

Liberty Health menu products in Sarasota may include Aphria, Mary’s Medicinals, Incredibles, Papas Herb, RIFF for PAX, and Solei. Low-THC High CBD products may become available for patients with a Qualifying Condition who need non-euphoric CBD care. 

Only registered Florida MedCard patients are granted access to legal cannabis products. You will need to have a medical cannabis recommendation from a local certified doctor in Sarasota.

Liberty Health Products

Liberty Health Marijuana Deliveries RX – AVAILABLE NOW!

Sarasota – Liberty Health Sciences medical cannabis products can be ordered online and delivered to your door or business in Sarasota, Siesta Key, Bee Ridge, Sarasota Springs, Gulf Gate Estates, and throughout Sarasota County from their Cannabis Education Centers (CEC) locations.

Liberty has scheduled delivery runs throughout the state. Please call 833.254.4877 or email to schedule a delivery for Aphria, Mary’s Medicinals, Incredibles, Papas Herb, RIFF for PAX, and Solei products.

Free delivery statewide with no minimum order!

Liberty Health Aphria CEC

What People Are Saying

04:43 23 Oct 21
This place is the BEST IN TOWN and Ishop them all. I always end up time and time again. The quality and value can’t be beat. Deals all the time. Great staff and an over all well run establishment. I usually buy the lower tiers and even shake But the tier 1 is also really good quality and also usually at a discount. 20,30,40% off. Love this more
Vibrant Junglist
Vibrant J.
14:46 12 Oct 21
Quality product with a nice selection of strains. It’s a little too expensive on its own but the deals are really good!! I usually prefer to shop here over everywhere else when they have deals because the strain selection is better than trulieve and muv combined. Wait time for pickup is always faster too!read more
Lisa van Sand
Lisa van S.
04:04 18 Sep 21
I went in to find out what the special is on a person’s birthday and found out it’s a $15 credit! Well, thank you very much, I’ll take it!Every one is super friendly snd very knowledgable. This shop offers great deals on a weekly basis and a HUGE selection.Jan and Jeremy were both friendly and helpful!read more
Beverly Sheridan
Beverly S.
22:16 09 Sep 21
Staff was fantastic. I was in/out and will be back. Thank you.
Oliver Varah
Oliver V.
21:21 24 Aug 21
I’ve frequented this location for a few years and Scott, Brian, and everyone else are just great. Liberty Health is by far the most affordable dispensary in Florida and I can walk in and out with my order in under 2 minutes most of the more
Kenneth Malave-Diago
Kenneth M.
13:37 21 Aug 21
Scott, Jan, and Brian did an excellent job of educating me and coordinating with my needs. I loved going to this store over Trulieve down the road. The edibles Jan suggested really helped me over the weekend- very soft and chocolatey / made with extra love! I will definitely be back more
marcy puleo
marcy P.
02:04 01 Aug 21
I really enjoy coming here. Shopping is a pleasure.😊 Everyone is so friendly and kind. Always super helpful, and all are very knowledgeable. Thanks everyone!read more
Venice Florida
Venice F.
23:11 27 Jul 21
My first visit I picked up some Banana OG Wax to try it out! tasty AF . . . I will be back!
Lisa Harper
Lisa H.
13:46 20 Jul 21
Awesome customer service, great products and the best prices in town! Locally grown in Gainesville, FL too!Still loving LHS 11months later, this place gets better all the time!read more
Jon “Throwback” Tepper
Jon “Throwback” T.
17:01 28 Jun 21
One of the best in the area. Great selection with affordable prices. They are always helpful and kind to me, which goes a long way. They really know their stuff. Jan, the manager, is always so helpful, too! HIGHly recommend this more
Kathy Henry-Acosta
Kathy H.
16:15 30 May 21
I always enjoy their Clarity brand of vape carts. They have a great selection and the people at the Sarasota location are knowledgeable, funny and kind. They have good bud a lot, including Seed Junky Genetics flower like LA Kush Cake💚🌱💚read more
Annamaria D.
Annamaria D.
15:33 30 May 21
Whenever I need ZaZa, this is my go to dispensary.5 stars because of the wonderful experience that Brittany gave me.She is extremely knowledgeable of the products being sold. She gave great recommendations.Thank you for such a positive, smooth and comfortable transaction.Peace.Love.Ganjaread more
Charles Burton
Charles B.
14:08 13 May 21
I don’t smoke but my wife does and she love love loves it.
Amanda Wilson
Amanda W.
10:31 14 Apr 21
By far one of the friendliest, inviting, and speedy dispensary’s I’ve been to. After a while you feel like one of the liberty fam. Definitely my favorite around more
Hattie Williams
Hattie W.
16:09 31 Mar 21
Was my all time favorite dispensary until today March 31, 2021. Staff was very rude and unconcerned with my questions. The asst: manager not sure if this was his title but (longer hair white male). His tone was very negative & unbecoming, I told him that I was very unhappy with the Vibes in the store today. Probably will never go into this dispenser again! Sad because I really enjoyed the staff until today. 😒read more
Lance Fournier
Lance F.
20:51 20 Mar 21
I used to like Liberty Health Science Until I made a purchasevAnd my purchase was unsatisfactoryBecause the flower was so dry it falls apart in your hands and they will not have any flower for return at all so you just basically Stole My MoneyI will no longer shop and give this bogus company my moneyIf a pharmacy gave me out-of-date meds and it made me sick I would have a lawsuitSo you better bewareread more
Blurry Vizion
Blurry V.
17:51 18 Mar 21
Fastest place in town. I never wait long even as a walk in and their website is super simple. Love the Banana OG.
Maurice Thomas
Maurice T.
16:25 07 Mar 21
Always get service they treat you like family there I appreciate you guys hey and this is Maurice now I hope you all see this one much loveread more
Jason Heckman
Jason H.
15:48 23 Jan 21
Great prices on Great products. Jan, Brittney, Brian and the rest of the staff there are always super patient and more
Alan Patrick
Alan P.
20:17 27 Dec 20
Best prices around. I love the smalls or popcorn version that would be the only reason I did not give it five stars is it seems like it’s always the same flavor in that particular tierread more
Ross Dunn
Ross D.
20:46 13 Dec 20
Jan (the manager) is always rude. Never a good trip to this location because he always has an attitude or doesn’t care to help the patients. Only cares about the sale.The only reason I’m even leaving stars, is because Brittany and Natalie are always so kind and great help.My fiancé and I are both patients, and Mary’s medicinal is only at LHS. I’ll now drive 45 minutes to Bradenton to get our products. Sam is a top notch employee and manager, over there. We’re done with Sarasota.PS. Don’t believe all of the reviews on here with 5 stars. I heard from employees that the management made false profiles to boost their more
Rachel Baas
Rachel B.
20:57 05 Dec 20
Wow! Just blown away by this place. So clean, organized, & quick. I had the biggest pleasure of having Andi help me out. She was SO knowledgeable, kind, and helpful. I don’t think anyone has ever treated me so kindly & compassionately as Andi. I will ABSOLUTELY be back due to her outstanding service. The products are of wonderful quality as well! Thank you!read more
17:46 01 Dec 20
I love this group of super helpful, knowledgeable, quick service folks. You walk in and in a few minutes you walk out with great products. Thank you Natalie, Brit, Brian and Scott. And Jan!Follow up! Best Delivery in town. Liberty takes getting people’s meds to them seriously! I ordered, got email within minutes, got a phone call. I was not able to answer so they left the message clearly stating who they were, their phone number confirming your reservation and your order and stating a two-hour time window when they will make the delivery the next day . This is an upscale operation worth going to and getting products from. Liberty strives to try to meet all people’s needs. Big thanks to the awesome delivery team, Dylan & Logan!Thanks 👍read more
Joshua Wecht
Joshua W.
18:02 24 Nov 20
This place has some great deals and some awesome strains. They also carry 1 gram cartridges that seem to be rare or too expensive but not here. I highly suggest this place to anyone with a medical card amd if you do not have one may I suggest getting one because believe it or not there are thousands of different reasons to use different products and the all dont have THC in them and these products help with anything from pain to anxiety to sleep disorders and eating disorders of course. Get your card and check out this place among all the other ones. They all have their perks and they all are pretty great!read more
Rob Lewis
Rob L.
00:49 18 Nov 20
Best!! These people have personally ensured I haven’t gone home empty handed. They are my first choice for ground . Obviously the best in my opinion when it comes to customer service. Thank you guys!!!read more
Austin Oz
Austin O.
17:25 07 Nov 20
Best products around, great staff, in and out. Gotta love it.
Marina Diner
Marina D.
18:49 31 Oct 20
Always a great location to visit. Wait is short or barely none. Medtenders are always helpful and pleasant. Online orders are fulfilled super fast!read more
mike straw
mike S.
23:43 15 Oct 20
Great budtenders and Mgr. Jan is very welcoming. Feels like more personal service than other dispensaries. And the flower is well grown and great more
pete mendola
pete M.
16:06 13 Oct 20
Best dispensary in town!Employees are the best and very friendly!!Concept is more relaxed and personalized than other dispensaries. You check in up front and they work with you one on one without a counter to separate you.Not a huge selection, but selection is priced well and premium selections are top notch!read more
Ben Wiegel Lacrosse
Ben Wiegel L.
18:43 04 Oct 20
Staff is very nice Hector is very knowledgeable about all the products always has great recommendations!!
Ron Patterson
Ron P.
19:58 22 Sep 20
Very Friendly Staff and Great Service. Always a Great Deal.
James King
James K.
12:22 18 Sep 20
Probably 4.5 🌟 s. Bio-Diesel 7g. $23 yes.
Trev F
Trev F
16:55 16 Sep 20
Their team in Sarasota provides amazing customer service and knowledge to their customers! Great products at affordable prices!read more
09:29 15 Sep 20
I love this group of super helpful, knowledgeable, quick service folks. You walk in and in a few minutes you walk out with great products. Thank you Natalie, Brit, Brian and more
Colin Meadows
Colin M.
00:52 14 Sep 20
Grate people
Gary Weiner
Gary W.
19:31 08 Sep 20
Great products and phenomenal customer service.Highly recommended
Lisa Harper
Lisa H.
15:13 28 Jul 20
Awesome customer service, great products and the best prices in town! Locally grown in Gainesville, FL too!
Sarah Lollie
Sarah L.
18:29 27 Jul 20
Great price on flower and cartridges. Kinda small especially with the precautions with COVID-19. However this is my go to when I’m in Sarasotaread more
Tyler Menendez
Tyler M.
19:39 20 Jul 20
Has mostly cheaper products, which is great for competition and considering other dispensaries. Very nice staff as well-answered all my questions more
Mark Gillespie
Mark G.
23:48 10 Jul 20
The staff in the Sarasota store is great. The manager (at least I assumed he was the manager considering the way the staff deferred to him), was rude, condescending, and dismissive. I drove from Ellenton to downtown Sarasota to get to the store before they closed. I ordered what I wanted, the employee who waited on me brought it up, and the computer couldn’t find it in stock. The manager (I guess) then tried to ring up my purchase and when he can’t, tells me I’ll have to come back tomorrow. This is the third time this has happened to me in this location. Excuse me, your computer issues are not the customer’s problem. Why can’t you simply write up the sale, write a receipt, and collect the money. If all information is documented and entered the next day when you computer issue is resolved there shouldn’t be a problem. Liberty, let me know when you get rid of this POS manager and I’ll come back. Until then, no more
oliver varah
oliver V.
18:20 10 Jul 20
The Bradenton and Sarasota locations are the two that I visit, and I rarely visit anywhere else! Liberty has the best prices before sales/deals, and the nicest people to interact with on each visit. You will be in an out in minutes if you want! Love y’allread more
Bill Fleck
Bill F.
18:14 04 Jul 20
My wife likes it. They’re friendly and helpful.
18:41 23 Jun 20
Went there at the beginning of June. Woman behind the counter not wearing a mask. I asked why. She said that Liberty no longer requires employees to wear masks. I asked her to put one on because I have bronchiectasis. She refused, “because I don’t have to wear one anymore.” What was most upsetting was her unwillingness to wear a mask when asked, even though she was not legally required to. Many clients are coping with suppressed immune systems. Another employee, wearing a mask, stepped in and completed my purchase. The employee who took over the transaction said that I could do curbside pickup in the future. Why would I return to a business that treated me so insensitively?read more
Nicholas Sokolowski
Nicholas S.
13:37 09 Mar 20
Great place! For me, a 5-star rating doesn’t come easy. I’ll go again most surely
lula gill
lula G.
22:43 20 Feb 20
Hands down the quickest dispensary in town. Really loving the friendly staff! I have came in with several questions and they have never failed to inform me on each medication. They are very patient and take their time to walk you through their medications. I have now been alleviated from a lot of physical pain, thanks to all their help and support!read more
Mike Rodgers
Mike R.
19:16 18 Feb 20
BEST DISPENSARY IN TOWNExtremely friendly staff and the prices are the best, by far. The staff were more than willing to help out with any and all questions I had, not only about the products they carry but cannabis in general. (And I had ALOT of questions) GREAT GREAT PLACEread more
mango .
mango .
20:12 27 Jan 20
My friend who lives in Tampa always told me about Liberty, and it’s nice to know that the Sarasota location holds a candle to the hype! The Sarasota location has a good selection of flower, and very fair prices- not to mention discounts and deals on certain days that help a lot! The staff is friendly and professional, and I feel so comfortable going in and shopping here! Liberty Health Sciences is new to me as a company, but they did not disappoint! So glad to see the cannabis community making its way to Sarasota!read more
00:36 26 Jan 20
This is the best medical dispensary in all of Florida. The entire staff is polite, informative, and professional. Employee Marissa will welcome regular patients by name as they enter. Store manager Thaddeus is not always there but I had the pleasure of meeting him one day. The store itself is very clean including the bathroom, there was plenty of waiting area seats, complimentary coffee machine, and plenty of menus. The cleanliness is most important to me as I am also a bit of germaphobe and do not prefer sitting in a dirty waiting area or too close to anyone. Anyways, this is a quality medical dispensary with great product selection that sincerely cares for their patients and their more
Octiva Bebe
Octiva B.
15:41 08 Jan 20
Great staff, very honest and willing to help patients! Amazing products. Thank you so much for everything. Will be coming back and also tell my friends. Thank you again, Liberty more
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