Liberty Health Marijuana Dispensary and Delivery in Winter Haven, FL

1285 1st Street South
Winter Haven, FL 33880

Hours of Operation:

MON-FRI: 10:00AM-7:00PM
SAT: 10:00AM-5:00PM
SUN: 12:00PM – 5:00PM

Payment Methods:

Cash Only
ATM Available On Site



Winter Haven – A Liberty Health Sciences dispensary is open at 1285 1st Street South in Winter Haven is open to service Lakeland, Haines City, Bartow and Polk County in general.

Liberty Health menu products in Winter Haven include Aphria, Mary’s Medicinals, Incredibles, Papas Herb, RIFF for PAX, and Solei. Low-THC High CBD products are available for patients with a Qualifying Condition who need non-euphoric CBD care. 

Only registered Florida MedCard patients are granted access to legal cannabis products. You will need to have a medical cannabis recommendation from a local certified doctor in Winter Haven.

Liberty Health Products

Liberty Health Marijuana Deliveries RX – AVAILABLE NOW!

Polk – Liberty Health Sciences medical cannabis products can be ordered online and delivered to your door or business in Winter Haven, Lakeland, Haines City, Bartow and throughout Polk County from their Cannabis Education Centers (CEC) locations. 

Liberty has scheduled delivery runs throughout the state. Please call 833.254.4877 or email to schedule a delivery for Aphria, Mary’s Medicinals, Incredibles, Papas Herb, RIFF for PAX, and Solei products.

Free delivery statewide with no minimum order!

Liberty Health Aphria CEC

What People Are Saying

Alexia Clarke
Alexia C.
19:05 01 Jan 22
i’ve only been in twice but i love the vibe and all the women working are so nice, friendly, and fun! super informative too. i would much rather drive further to come here than go to my local more
17:24 01 Dec 21
I enjoy visiting my local store always a good vibe and excellent service #winterhavenfl
tony smith
tony S.
15:08 26 Nov 21
Sometimes they got good deals. But it’s not the deals that bother me. It’s mostly the service of waiting in line for a pickup order when there’s only a few people in front of you and then the entire place is packed before you know it. This is ridiculous. There needs to be a pickup order line only , at least one. Need to hire people that will work and not just stand there and more
Beni Boom
Beni B.
15:24 05 Nov 21
So my local store has been having new flower and I’m loving it. I just had some cookie dough flower that was 29.7% and a real treat. Some of the best I’ve tried this year. Keep being awesome more
Kim Martin
Kim M.
17:26 30 Oct 21
So far all products have been great. Flower and vapes, are the best!!
Jed Jones
Jed J.
18:22 17 Sep 21
Just got liberty’s flower alpha blue looks like they don’t know how to trim. I no more than walked out of the door so I could look at the flower. There are so many stems. I tried to take it back into the store and show them. I was told “there’s nothing they can do all flower sales are final.” More than likely will choose another dispensary if this is the flower you guys are going to produce your patients deserve more
Angela Rosado
Angela R.
00:46 16 Sep 21
Not sure if it’s an employee problem or a Liberty problem but this location is regularly not open until it’s 8:30pm listed close time. Judging by other recent reviews I see I’m not the only patron to experience this. Just drove up to put in a last minute order 10 minutes to 8:30 (on a sale day I must add) and two employees are locking up and walking out with Chick-fil-A. I asked why they had closed early and couldn’t really hear her response minus saying they had closed around 7 and “we’ll be open at 9” ? Being that you’re all the latest dispensary open in the area, it’s just very misleading and more
Lisa Telot
Lisa T.
22:10 12 Sep 21
They made it easy for me!! It was my first visit to a dispensary
gerardo ariza
gerardo A.
14:46 11 Sep 21
Thank you Ka’Tesha and ChelseyYou both are very helpful and are really kind .
Beni Boom
Beni B.
17:04 20 Aug 21
Went into my local liberty and was met by all new faces and they were awesome. Vanessa and Jessica were great and made me feel right at home. Keep up the great job guys. This is why I only shop at liberty. You guys are the best!!!read more
emmanuel fines
emmanuel F.
00:52 30 Jun 21
They were really nice and explained all to me with alot of patients
jimmy hall
jimmy H.
01:25 11 Jun 21
I love Liberty Health Dispensary, The staff is very knowledgeable, and friendly. Great products at good prices. Go check them more
16:18 07 Jun 21
I love medical marijuana! One of my pit stops before becoming a mom.Too bad I am too strict about medication uses. I will not ever be returning here for medication.It was nice for the time being but bringing any kind of drug around my children is a big no no. I don’t care if it is legal. It will not happen.The company is great more
Bimbolo Malango
Bimbolo M.
14:52 06 Jun 21
Do not buy kali mist everOr the 25 $ desposableWorst high ive experience felt axius and allot of headech
Aqua Thomas
Aqua T.
20:57 04 Jun 21
I tried Liberty a few years ago and I was not happy so I didn’t go back. For Memorial Day they had an AWESOME sale, and I decided to try them out again. So glad I did! Forbidden Fruit is yummy😋! Blackberry is excellent for extreme RA pain and Grape Ape is perfect for insomnia. I’m back to stay!read more
Fawn Gray
Fawn G.
16:09 19 May 21
First time visit was a breeze. Clerk was very patient and knowledgeable. The eighths weighed properly but the flower was a little too dry. Otherwise wonderful more
08 R.
16:11 15 May 21
This is my favorite place to go. Very friendly and they do rememeber you from the last few visits. And has that spotless bank smell, very clean and more
19:48 27 Apr 21
Prices on par with other dispensaries but they seem to always have good specials
Benjiman Herring
Benjiman H.
22:49 24 Apr 21
This is the only place I go for my meds. The customer service is amazing and the staff is super knowledgeable. I’m always greeted by name and with a smile. When you leave you feel like they really care about their patients. The pop up discounts are always nice and I love the free stuff from time to time. The Rewards program is a great bonus, you can get free product after so many points. I love this place and the staff. They are all more
Sandy Coward
Sandy C.
19:11 05 Apr 21
The lady was very helpful. And it’s a very nice clean place and area.
Ashley S
Ashley S
22:08 29 Mar 21
Always friendly and courteous staff. Great price on cartridges! =)
Linda Jones
Linda J.
14:27 21 Mar 21
Love it but no one told me that I could get half off 1st time buyer irritated about that.
Nicey Thompson
Nicey T.
16:26 18 Mar 21
Very helpful and knowledgeable staff! I go to the South Orlando store, I have NEVER had any issues finding what I need. Prices are very good, compared to other dispensaries. This is my “go to” place!!read more
22:11 23 Feb 21
Not my best experience with product this visit. One box missing product, a second product, both vape carts but different manufacturers. That cartridge was leaking upon removal from it’s safety packaging. Immediately noticed low product level, no bubble near the top. Have not returned to store yet, outcome unknown at this point. Surely leaky cart will be repleced. The missing cart is my word against theirs. My five stars is based on previous visits with Liberty. It won’t stop me from shopping more
Daniel Crespo
Daniel C.
21:13 09 Feb 21
Love the staff! Very smart n sharp!Bonita!😎 Serena, katesha, Martha,, Kendra, chelsey! I’m ur biggest fan!
Daniel Crespo
Daniel C.
13:48 09 Feb 21
Love the staff! Very smart n sharp!Bonita!😎 Serena, katesha, Martha,, Kendra, chelsey! I’m ur biggest fan!
Donna Koed
Donna K.
11:15 24 Dec 20
Today was my first visit at Liberty Health Sciences. I was met shortly after arriving through the front door by Kendra. Kendra was very knowledgeable about their product line and answered the handful of questions which I had. After making my purchase, she let me know that if I had ANY questions, to feel free calling them. Very pleasant experience!!read more
Samwise Strong
Samwise S.
03:48 09 Dec 20
My man Gavin took great care of me for my first visit today. I’ve been experienced for a long time, in the usual manner. But today, I finally got my MMC approval, and I am SO happy I chose to go to Liberty. Gavin was super helpful. I mentioned to him that I was going through radiation therapy cancer treatment at the moment. He took the time to make sure I was familiar with the strains and that I knew exactly what to expect. The associate working with him (you were so nice! thank you!) was kind enough to give me some take-home info on how to get the most out of the concentrates I decided to purchase. All together, my experience with Liberty today was EXACTLY the kind of first experience I wanted to have with a dispensary. The establishment is very clean, and the staff is so warm and professional. And the products… holy smokes. Night and day difference if you’re transitioning from “traditional” to Liberty. The products that Gavin helped me choose really provided me with more relief than I can remember having in a long time. The taste was amazing, the “end user experience” was long lasting and super super effective. I can’t recommend Liberty enough. I can’t wait to go back!read more
Kathleen Higgins
Kathleen H.
13:59 04 Dec 20
Always friendly. Bonita was my contact and she was friendly and fast. Very helpful.
Ben Flores
Ben F.
05:00 01 Dec 20
Going to Liberty Health Sciences in Winter Haven was an excellent experience. The quality of the service was right up there w the quality of the products. Katesha helped me w the ordering process and answered all my questions. 5 more
Donna Koed
Donna K.
23:14 24 Nov 20
Today was my first visit at Liberty Health Sciences. I was met shortly after arriving through the front door by Kendra. Kendra was very knowledgeable about their product line and answered the handful of questions which I had. After making my purchase, she let me know that if I had ANY questions, to feel free calling them. Very pleasant experience!!read more
Jiann Russell
Jiann R.
02:17 20 Nov 20
The staff is always very friendly and great to talk to you. They are awesome! Always love talkin to Bonita an miss Martha to find out what’s new or learn something. Butttt The last several times I have came in there has not been flower Options available, Only One strand that was overpriced. Liberty used to be my go to but lately their inventory has not been stocked last several times I have tried to order.):read more
Lisa R
Lisa R
23:36 15 Nov 20
Used to love this place now they never have flower and when you purchase whole flower you get popcorn buds for whole flower prices however showing sold out on the signread more
melanie h
melanie h
18:42 25 Oct 20
Awesome people work here ! So friendly and helpful! Always looking out for whats best for the customer. Thank you!Also, whoever trains the members of the winter haven location should go RE-TRAIN the members at the lakeland location!read more
Leslie Sleepe
Leslie S.
12:06 18 Sep 20
Awesome blossom! Staff always friendly! Still always friendly! 9/18/20
Jen Miller
Jen M.
13:03 10 Sep 20
Ashley is awesome! She made great suggestions and answered all my questions…thanks again! 🙂
Sheila Vasquez
Sheila V.
22:30 07 Sep 20
Always friendly and informative
Renée Conway
Renée C.
18:54 04 Sep 20
Didn’t have in stock what we wanted. Tincture is peppermint flavor which they didn’t tell me before I bought it. I’m not a big fan of more
Clinton Hirtner
Clinton H.
15:48 04 Sep 20
Best place for the money
Shannon Thomas
Shannon T.
17:47 02 Sep 20
Almost always have my Rx, if not they can accommodate! Kudos better than Curaleaf
Oscar & Dianne Flores
Oscar & Dianne F.
23:24 31 Aug 20
The product was excellet. I gave a 3 for lack of customer service. The lady at the window was rude, and not friendly like if she were upset. Didn’t even smile once. All other places they are welcoming and friendly but this place was cold and very more
DeQui LaFeara
DeQui L.
16:03 31 Aug 20
There was a long line the manager was quite rude and the product does not have the thc or cbd test result information on the bottle it’s not available online either. I spent $70 today for 3 bottles of flower and none of them had any effect on me at all so no wonder they don’t post the results they have the worst weed available on the market. It doesn’t even look or smell like marijuana what a rip off. Ill never shop here again!read more
Steven Shiner
Steven S.
19:28 28 Aug 20
Super fast service!
Taylor G
Taylor G
15:23 25 Aug 20
The staff are very nice. I ordered delivery and also went to the location. I give it 3 stars because the weed from this store in general (all locations I’ve been to 3) I’ve bought multiple different strands it’s pretty garbage weed. The weed is always super dry, which I can deal with, but the taste is always awful leaves an aftertaste not only that but you barely even get high. I’ll try again in the future but as of right now I’ll stick to other more
Paul Mercier III
Paul Mercier I.
00:52 25 Aug 20
Great product and amazing pricing. Slow service (covid) and often out of inventory.
Joe Bradshaw
Joe B.
13:13 21 Aug 20
I have been going a year . The experience has been good but recently has gotten real good. Phone has been answered and service is very good . Products as well have gotten better too . I enjoy shoppingread more
Kitty Pawz
Kitty P.
13:52 19 Aug 20
Thank you for the patient discounts. It sure helps! New management in place is proving to make a great positive difference from those in the pastread more
Deborah Railey
Deborah R.
20:55 10 Aug 20
Very informative employeesGreat customer serviceNo long waits for meThank you for being here for meMuch appreciated
Donna Winstead
Donna W.
14:29 19 Jul 20
I’m a senior and the employees have always been kind ,respectful , and accurate with my orders. Thank you guys
Patricia DeRosia
Patricia D.
12:29 15 Jul 20
I couldn’t be more grateful for their help. They truly care. I especially appreciate the staff at the Lakeland South location. Thank you all!read more
Heather Huckstep
Heather H.
21:24 03 Jun 20
Closed except for online orders and pickup at window. Would have been nice to show that on the webpage!
Summer Hicks
Summer H.
22:00 26 May 20
Always friendly. Today it was fast too. The products I’ve tried have been good and reasonable prices.
Destiny Fairless
Destiny F.
00:29 01 May 20
Bought 2 vape carts today and realized before I left the parking lot only one was full. I tried to exchange my half filled cart 5 minutes after purchasing it but they refuse. Poorly ran operation all more
Dean Nelson
Dean N.
22:33 28 Apr 20
Very poor service. I have called about 40 times during the last week and a half with no return phone calls, no one answering the phone, no reply to repeated emails, voicemail box full at the main office. All of the above is same for the Winter Haven location. When I placed my order for pick up in Winter Haven, I arrived to see about 20 cars in line. I waited for a while and the line did not move. I estimated about a two hour wait.Then, I placed my order online for delivery. I received a confirmation email shortly after. Now, it has been a week and a half and no reply, no order. Extremely poor customer service! I will give my business to Surterra in Winter Haven now. I was in and out of their store in 15 more
Drue Chasing
Drue C.
17:48 23 Apr 20
I really don’t like this dispensary. It’s a last resort if I’m dry. Today they had the lobby closed due to the whole virus situation with a note on the door saying you can order online and place a curbside pickup. Cool. I ordered online and within 10 minutes they sent me a text saying my order was ready and I can proceed to the express lane. This particular building used to be a bank. I end up driving around to discover they only have 1 lane open with 9 cars already sitting in line. It’s not moving. Is this the express lane? Do these people all have online orders? I call them and ask them these questions. Apparently it’s an express lane where you can just drive up and read over the menu and decide what you want. An hour of sitting in my car to pick up an online order that was ready within 10 minutes. Curbside pickup is very misleading. Express lane is very misleading. Go elsewhere if you more
23:05 17 Apr 20
Kendra has a serious attitude problem! She needs a class on customer service asap! Waited 2 hours in a long line to then receive her nasty attitude! First and last time I take my prescription there! Maybe my brown skin didn’t help! She only served me because I refused to move my car. If there were 0 stars I’d give more
Trista Martin
Trista M.
18:14 17 Apr 20
Honestly, I give them no stars! The staff did not have enough knowledge to help me nor did they even try. The first time I ever entered a dispensary, I walked into liberty health sciences, and the guy was of no help to me, at all. He acted like he didnt want to be there, he never mentioned any discounts, what would work for me, nothing. Horrible customer service. I went back a second time after I found out they had discounts and they said, oh you already been here so you dont get a discount.” Um.. okay.. thanks for nothing! If you want excellent customer service and a very knowledgable staff go to Flunet in more
straight up
straight U.
14:33 10 Apr 20
I WAS a regular customer until my most recent visit. Bought 3 1/8’s and when I got home and opened them, 2 were filled to the level I am accustomed to and the third was considerably less filled. I don’t have a triple beam or a digital scale so I could not weigh but after using for over 25 years you know when something is light. I took pictures and sent them in and the response was that they were “dense” buds! Total BS. Since they do not seal the packages when they weigh and fill, anyone could open and grab a bud anywhere along the supply chain and to believe that it does not happen is being willfully blind to an obvious more
11:15 13 Mar 20
I visited LHS yesterday for the first time looking for a disposable vape. The inside was pretty clean, sort of looked like a bank in a way. The bud tenders that were there and the one that served me just seemed unknowledgeable about cannabis, quoting surface level information to clients. The man next to me was new to medical marijuana and I had more answers for him than the bud tender. The man was looking for a sativa and they had blue dream for 33 dollars a 8th at 22 percent but the bud tender was telling him that THC percentages don’t matter when it comes to getting “high”.First of all, you can’t just tell a new shopper THC percentages don’t matter and expect them to believe it! while yes it is true THC content doesn’t matter as much as some think it does, he could’ve explained how it’s not just about THC but everything in the plant working together, the terpenes, CBDTHC, etc etc. The only reason I know this is because of other dispensaries that had full consultations with me. Surterra Lakeland may not have the most exciting flowers but they do have KNOWLEDGE and knowledge is power when shopping for medical marijuana. Muv Lakeland is also great for information and Curaleaf Lakeland as well, all 3 of those dispensaries had a in depth client consultation with me. At LHS I honestly felt like it was about the money and getting high and not about medication. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with that, but for a first time client or someone newly approved or looking to get into medical cannabis, DO NOT go here. They get 2 stars for the blue dream they had and that’s more
Sand Milton
Sand M.
16:36 06 Mar 20
I would give it 5 but no one is perfect but the store in winterhavenis the best store around lots of knowledgeable people there to go plus using a old bank is coolread more
Jeff Hart
Jeff H.
01:01 17 Feb 20
Nice clean feel and appearance. Good offers on quality products. Go get you some(must have FL medical marijuana card)
Stevenson Holt
Stevenson H.
01:38 13 Feb 20
My experience with LHS was satisfactory until my last trip. Most of the staff has surface level knowledge on cannabis, which is frustrating. I feel I shouldn’t know more about a specific strain than someone working in a dispensary. Those are just minor complaints but the real issue is I was shorted by a half gram in both 1/8 oz flower cups. I was shorted a whole gram in total, I paid for 7 grams (2x 1/8’s) and got 6. So make sure to weigh your flower when you get it, so IF i decide to return to LHS I will be asking to see my product weighed out in front of more
Jeremy Nihiser
Jeremy N.
20:59 01 Feb 20
The Winter Haven dispensary is the best!! Fast and friendly service! GREAT products!! I would recommend the Papa’s Herb pens and strains. They keep me out of pain and in good spirits!! Thank you Winter Haven dispensary and Papa’s Herb!read more
Kathleen Proctor
Kathleen P.
13:15 08 Jan 20
I don’t find the people there very helpful. I believe you should have people with a background in the product you are selling. I am so new to this and when I ask a question and the girl behind the counter looks at me like a deer caught in the headlights I feel like I should really go spend my money someplace else. I really do not care how nice you are if you don’t know what you are talking about or you just don’t care why are you there? Liberty why are they there? I asked about my 15.00 birthday credit she said I only had 3 days to use it I said I don’t think that is what it said but didn’t want to get into it with her. I came home looked it up I have a whole month according to the text. Why is she there Liberty. To run customers away? This is the 2nd time I have not been happy there.I know I can go someplace else, but you should care. Train your people. It is a people more
Paradise D
Paradise D
22:49 23 Dec 19
Convenient location, great customer service and the Flowers I can’t /didn’t complain. Prices are far the best I’ve seen since I moved to Florida for the. state….read more
Frank Bainbridge
Frank B.
19:59 25 Nov 19
This is an excellent dispensary with great people and a wide range of products.
Karina Morales
Karina M.
19:05 23 Nov 19
Liberty was amazing ,Becky & jasmine was very helpful. Becky explained everything and took her time with us , with out being in a rush … Great environment. Highly recommend to others & prices were good as well .read more
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