Lil Jon Slams Ref In Dreadlock Incident, 'Shouldn't Have Been an A**hole'

Lil Jon Slams Dread Incident Ref ‘Shouldn’t Have Been an A**hole’


The wrestling ref who’s threatening a lawsuit over the viral dreadlock-cutting incident is “blatantly racist” and has NO CASE … so says Lil Jon … who tells TMZ Sports the guy’s claims are ridiculous.

High schooler Andrew Johnson — who is black — was forced to either cut his dreadlocks or forfeit during a December 2018 match. The story made international news …. and the ref was accused of being racist.

As we previously reported … the ref, Alan Maloney, is claiming he’s been defamed in the coverage following this   … and he’s demanding $100,000 in damages.

Enter Lil Jon — who has famously shown off his dreads throughout his career — and he explains why Maloney’s actions were inexcusable.

“Dreads are considered to be like a man’s crown, that’s a lion’s mane … it’s sacred,” Jon says.

“For this guy to be blatantly racist as he was on that one and to claim he can’t get work or whatever, well … too bad, you shouldn’t have been an a**hole.”

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