Lil Xan Here’s How Hot Cheetos Sent Me Straight To the Hospital


Lil Xan says he ain’t about to quit Hot Cheetos cold turkey … even if they did burn a hole in his stomach — as he claims — and he proved it right in front of us. 

We got Xan Wednesday at Irving Plaza in NYC, where he told us exactly what happened when he landed in the back of an ambulance a couple days ago. He eventually laid blame on eating too many Hot Cheetos … calling it “one hell of a drug.” 

A lot of people thought Xan was just trolling, but he assures he absolutely wasn’t. It’s kind of a wild story — one filled with Chile Limon, stomach aches, vomiting … and blood.

Despite the medical crisis, Xan’s still down to clown around with his fave snack. Watch what happens when he busts out a bag. Let’s just say he didn’t shy away.

Fingers crossed he’s fully recovered! 

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