Linda McMahon Resigns From Trump Cabinet

Linda McMahon Resigns From Trump Admin. Gig

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Linda McMahon is stepping down from her position in President Trump‘s cabinet … but she won’t be far from POTUS for long.

Trump announced the former WWE CEO is resigning as the head of the Small Business Administration at Mar-a-Lago on Friday …. saying “She has been one of our all-time favorites.”

“I knew she was good, but I didn’t know she was that good.” 

Although McMahon is stepping down, she’s not leavin’ Trump — she’s putting her focus on his reelection.

“She’ll be leaving, she’s going to go and help us with a very, very important year-and-a-half that we have coming up,” Trump told reporters.

McMahon is an original member of Trump’s cabinet — she was confirmed back in February 2017.

We spoke with WWE legend Kurt Angle prior to McMahon taking the job … and he said she’s a “genius,” adding, “If you doubt Linda McMahon, you’d have to be literally crazy.”

No word on who will be Linda’s replacement … but Trump says she’ll be part of the process.

Hey … WrestleMania is around the corner. Maybe she just wanted to clear her schedule.

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