Lisa Vanderpump Gives Her Honest Take on Stassi Schroeder's Vanderpump Rules Firing

“I’d never heard that podcast. It was [something] I’d never heard,” she said. “There’s quite a big cast and they’re all going off doing these interviews. I don’t hear any of them. So this story had never reached my ears. Sure, whatever they were talking about at the time they thought was funny because they were saying, ‘Oh yeah, we did this, we did that.’ But I never certainly heard that. I never listened to any of their interviews, quite frankly.”

Lisa also addressed a controversial 2018 incident where Stassi posted an Instagram story photo of her outfit with the caption “Nazi chic,” adding, “Oh God, and then there’ve been things when she’d said Nazi. She can say things that are provocative, very provocative. Having had my family lived through World War II and Nazis and being in the house, my grandparents’ house being bombed in the war.”

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