Lobbying compensation: Colodny Fass earned $400K in Q3 pay

The team at Colodny Fass collected $400,000 in lobbying pay last quarter.

New compensation reports show the Sunrise-based firm managed to reel in $225,000 in legislative lobbying fees and another $175,000 in executive branch lobbying fees during the July through September reporting period.

The quarterly haul comes in a tad short of the firm’s second-quarter earnings, which measured in at $540,000.

Florida lobbyists report their pay in ranges covering $10,000 increments. Florida Politics uses the middle number of each range to estimate quarterly pay.

Lobbyists and lobbying firms are also required to report overall pay ranges at the bottom of their compensation reports. According to that line of the disclosures, Colodny Fass earned between $100,000 and $250,000 in legislative lobbying fees. Receipts fell in the same range on its executive compensation report.

The firm’s last quarter included founder Mike Colodny, Lobbying and Governmental Consulting Division manager Katie Webb and lobbyists Leonard Billmeier, Nicole GraganellaSandy Fay, Claude Mueller, and Nate Strickland.

Colodny Fass reaped much of the firm’s revenues from its traditional clientele in the insurance and health care industries.

Topping the firm’s legislative report were American Property Casualty Insurance Association, Florida Peninsula Insurance Co. and HCA Healthcare. All showed

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