Lobbying compensation: Lewis Longman & Walker notches $240K in Q3

Lobbying firm Lewis Longman & Walker earned an estimated $240,000 during the third quarter, new compensation reports show.

The five lobbyists at the firm reported an even split between the Legislature and the executive branch, recording $120,000 in pay through each branch.

Lobbying firms report their quarterly earnings from each client in ranges covering $10,000 increments. The estimated totals reflect the middle number of the per-client ranges.

Firms also disclose broad ranges for their overall earnings in each branch. Lewis Longman & Walker reported earning between $100,000 and $250,000 on each of its third-quarter reports. Using the per-client ranges, the firm earned no less than $200,000 for the quarter and could have earned as much as $380,000.

LLW’s lobbying practice chair Lori Killinger and advocates Kasey Lewis, Terry Lewis, James Linn and Martin Lyon represented 21 clients during the reporting period, with the same set showing up on both compensation reports.

There was a five-way tie for the most lucrative contract of the quarter — the Florida Association of Nurse Anesthetists, Florida Association of Special Districts, Florida Manufactured Housing Association, Minto Communities and Seminole Improvement District each showed up with $30,000 in retainers apiece.

The totals were split 50-50 across

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