Lobbying compensation: PinPoint Results tops $500K in third quarter

The five-person team at PinPoint Results represented more than 40 clients and netted an estimated $510,000 in lobbying pay last quarter, new compensation reports show.

Though many firms have seen revenues drop or flatline amid the ongoing economic crisis, PinPoint’s performance represents substantial year-over-year growth — in the third quarter of 2019, the firm earned an estimated $435,000.

Lobbyists and lobbying firms report the pay they receive from each client in ranges, each covering $10,000 increments. Florida Politics uses the middle number of those ranges to estimate pay.

The reports show Robert Beck, Tanya Jackson, Bryan Cherry, Don Davis and Marti Coley Eubanks earned $305,000 lobbying the Legislature and another $205,000 lobbying the Governor and Cabinet.

The firm’s legislative compensation report lists 41 clients, with HCA Healthcare and Independent Living Systems topping the sheet with $35,000 in payments apiece.

The health care industry was well represented on the report, with Aspire Health Partners and WellSky listed at the $15,000 level and Doctors Memorial Hospital, Florida Council on Aging and Moffitt Cancer Center among their $5,000-level clients.

PinPoint Result’s executive compensation report showed a subset of the principals listed on the legislative report, with Independent Living Systems repeating at the $35,000

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