Lobbying compensation: Rubin Turnbull breaks $1.5M mark in Q3

The lobbying team at Rubin Turnbull & Associates kept pace in the third quarter with an estimated $1.55 million in earnings.

The Q3 performance had a relatively even split, with $800,000 marked down on the firm’s legislative lobbying compensation report and another $750,000 in receipts in the executive branch.

Lobbying firms are required to report their pay in ranges covering $10,000 increments for each client rather than exact amounts. Florida Politics tallies the middle number of those ranges to estimate quarterly compensation.

Firms are also required to report a broad range for their overall pay. Rubin Turnbull & Associates reported earning between $500,000 and $1 million lobbying the Legislature and the same amount lobbying the Governor and Cabinet.

The July through September incomes were on par with recent quarters at Rubin Turnbull — the firm reported about $1.6 million in earnings in Q2.

On the legislative side, founder Bill Rubin, managing partner Heather Turnbull and the half-dozen lobbyists in their employ represented 84 clients.

HCA Healthcare topped the ledger, breaking the $50,000 cap on range reporting by sending the firm $56,000 in retainers.

Florida Crystals, Motorola Solutions and The Richman Group of Florida followed at

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