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COLUMBUS, Ohio – Ohio’s entry into recreational marijuana will launch in coming weeks with long lines, high prices and limited supply for customers, industry experts said, based on their experience of working in other states that expanded from medical to adult-use sales.

After voters approved recreational marijuana for adults aged 21 and older in November, it’s just a matter of time before the state allows medical dispensaries to also sell to recreational customers.

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The state has until June 7 to post the applications that existing medical marijuana dispensaries will use to request dual-use licenses to also serve recreational customers. Then the Ohio Division of Cannabis Control will review those applications – the dispensaries have already been inspected in person by regulators when they were approved for medical sales – and determine whether they comply with the law and can get a dual-use license.

Expect Ohio adults to flood the retail businesses. Regular marijuana users will have a chance to purchase product legally. Others, people called by industry insiders as the “cana curious,” will visit dispensaries in the first weeks for the novelty of seeing the product on

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