Love/Hate offseason edition: Baker Mayfield wins big

11:36 AM ET

As we inch closer to the NFL draft, this column details the biggest changes in fantasy value from 2019 trades and free agency.

I’m in a weird draft.

Having access to the coaches and decision-makers is a great way to gather information and answer some of the fantasy questions we have during the offseason.

Your guide to each NFL team’s most valuable offensive players from a fantasy standpoint for the 2019 season.

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To clarify, the draft isn’t about weird things. No one is selecting, like, mutated animals or Al Yankovic.

No, it’s a fantasy football draft.

To further clarify, there’s nothing odd about the process, either. There are 12 of us, an order was selected at random and we’ve been drafting, snake-style, for the past few weeks via email. As I write this, we are just finishing up Round 19.

Round 19, you say? Yes, I say, because I like to answer the tough questions.

Round 19 of 33, to be exact. Followed by a four-round rookie draft. It’s March 26.

And that, my internet friend, is the weird part.

Because, you see, this is a dynasty league. Twelve teams,

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