Loving is based on the true story of Mildred and Richard Loving, an interracial couple who simply wanted to start a family together and live a normal life in 1950s Virginia. At the time, in that particular state, it was illegal for mixed race couples to get married. The film slowly unravels the Lovings’ journey, which impacted the Civil Rights movement.

The story opens with Mildred (Ruth Negga) telling Richard (Joel Edgerton) that she’s pregnant. Richard asks her to marry him and together they travel from Virginia to Washington D.C., where they’re able to get married. As soon as they return home, they are arrested in the middle of the night.

While Richard is let out on bail the next morning, a frightened, pregnant Mildred has to stay in prison for the weekend and isn’t allowed bail until Monday. At this point, Richard shows great restraint — knowing the consequences of any violence would send him back to prison.

To avoid a five-year prison sentence, their lawyer advises them to plead guilty at their court hearing in order to secure a “lenient” sentence. They are given two options: either dissolve their marriage or leave the state and not return for 25 years.

Reluctantly leaving behind their families, the couple flees Virginia for Washington D.C., where they’ll be able to live more peacefully. Five years and three kids later, Mildred isn’t content to continue to live so far away from her parents and siblings. She writes a letter to senator Robert F. Kennedy, explaining her situation. The senator passes her letter on to the ACLU. They want to help the couple by changing the law on the marriage ban of interracial couples.

The story underplays the huge impact and importance of the couple’s decision to fight the law. The film is

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