Low-Cost Pot Stocks To Consider, According To True Trading Group Partner Jason Spatafora – Yahoo Finance

True Trading Group Partner Jason Spatafora may be better known by his nickname and popular social media accounts @WolfOfWeedST.

However you know him, Spatafora is a leading investor in cannabis. He recently told Benzinga that the entire U.S. cannabis market is of value and worth consideration.

Focusing on MSOs in his portfolio, he touched on some options worth looking into and the importance of geography and market potential.

Spatafora Likes U.S. Cannabis MSOs

Spatafora believes that the entire U.S. cannabis market is a valuable portfolio addition with the right due diligence. He considers tier-one MSOs the way to go.

“I think all investors, if they can, depending on their brokerage, need to be positioned in tier-one MSOs,” he said, adding that a lot is left to happen in the U.S. market, which has the 2016-2018 Canadian market to use as a blueprint.

He noted that the primary difference between the markets was that Canadians had access to ample capital early on. On the other hand, U.S. companies have been limited by regulations from banking to taxation. As such, U.S. companies have not spent as freely.

“The U.S. companies have had to be fiscally responsible in this time period,” Spatfora said, commenting that Canadian MSOs “spent like drunken

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