Lowe: Ten things I like and don't like, including the ragtag Grizzlies

8:23 AM ET

Ten things time:

1. Mike Conley, pro’s pro, and the fightin’ Grizz

The ragtag Memphis Grizzlies are 7-7 in their past 14 games, with wins over Oklahoma City, Houston, Orlando, Utah and Portland. That is more competitive than they have any right to be, considering even the players and coaches must have a hard time remembering who is on the team.

Jonas Valanciunas is beasting; he’s averaging 20 and 10 on 55 percent shooting in Memphis, and he’s fourth in the league in total post-ups in that stretch, per Second Spectrum. Fans already love him.

Bruno Caboclo looks like a real NBA player. He’s even dribbling competently! Chandler Parsons is doing some basketball things again. Joakim Noah‘s rejuvenation has been a delight.

In the center of it all is Conley, averaging 23 points and seven dimes since the Grizz traded Marc Gasol — and tried to trade Conley. He is doing his thing: bobbing and weaving behind screens until the defense loses track of him, slithering in for righty floaters, grinding on defense, and launching audacious step-back 3-pointers because the Grizz can’t always produce anything better.

For the first time in forever, Sacramento appears to

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