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We’ll drop the final installment in our preseason series — my annual list of crazy predictions — next week before the season starts. But some noteworthy roster decisions will be decided before then, so let’s run through them.

While there don’t appear to be a lot of likely extension candidates ahead of the Monday deadline for 2015 first-round picks, these are the ones to watch:

Bobby Portis and Larry Nance Jr.

Both are about 50-50, and could go to the wire. A pessimist would note that the deadline is fast approaching. The optimist’s counter: Good-faith talks at 50-50 territory with 72 hours to go often cross the goal line. You’ve come too far to go back, and all that.

Here are our contenders, likely playoff teams and just straight-up bad squads this season.

Which teams will be the most entertaining this season? Zach Lowe ranks the NBA’s top 15 squads to see.

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The midlevel exception often sets the parameters for players at this level. Any team — even those over the cap — can offer a midlevel deal in July. It starts at around $8.6 million. Agents often see

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