Machine Gun Kelly Sued for Bodyguards' Beatdown on Actor 'G-Rod'

Machine Gun Kelly Sued by Actor ‘G-Rod’ … You Ordered Your Crew to Attack Me!!!


Machine Gun Kelly‘s goons ganged up on a guy, and beat the hell outta him — on video — and now the victim’s suing the rapper, claiming he ordered the attack.

We broke the story … Gabriel “G-Rod” Rodriguez confronted MGK back in September at an Atlanta restaurant and called him a “p***y” because he was pissed about Kelly’s beef with Eminem.

Later in the evening at a Hampton Inn, video footage shows G-Rod getting jumped and viciously body slammed, kicked and punched by a bunch of dudes allegedly in MGK’s crew. At least 3 of the individuals were ID’d and charged with misdemeanor battery, but cops said MGK was in the clear because he wasn’t a part of it.

G-Rod’s not letting him get off that easy, though … and filed suit against the rapper and the 3 other dudes in his crew for battery. According to the docs … Rodriguez claims Kelly instructed the bodyguards to attack him, and he’s suffered serious injuries and medical expenses.

G-Rod’s also suing the hotel for negligence in the incident.

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