Manny Díaz sends cease-and-desist against Raúl Martínez radio show for airing misconduct allegations

Sen. Manny Díaz has sent a cease and desist letter to a radio show hosted by former Hialeah Mayor Raúl Martínez for elevating accusations of misconduct the Senator calls a “slanderous political attack.”

Martínez, who led the city as a Democrat for 24 years, hosted Jenny Lee Molina and Sasha Tirador on his radio show, Radio Caracol, Tuesday afternoon after the former tweeted allegations calling Díaz a “pervert” and an “inappropriate teacher.”

Díaz, a Hialeah Republican, took to Facebook and Instagram Tuesday evening to denounce the accusation, which he says is false and was elevated by Democratic operatives.

“Throughout my career as an educator, administrator and public servant, I have always stood on the side of our students regardless of race, gender or personal point of views,” he wrote. “It is disgusting and impermissible that Democrat operatives have fabricated a slanderous political attack to target me and my character because they dislike my strong conservative values and opinions.”

“My record proves that the comments that have been made about my career as an educator are baseless and defamatory,” he continued. “I am compelled to issue a cease-and-desist order and file legal action against the radio station

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