Marco Rubio continues to connect Raphael Warnock to Fidel Castro

Senator Marco Rubio took to national airwaves Tuesday with increasingly familiar warnings of a potential Marxist menace in the Georgia Senate race.

The Senator, on Tuesday’s edition of the Guy Benson Show on Fox News Radio, reiterated criticisms of Reverend Raphael Warnock as cozying up to communists.

Warnock is one of two Democrats challenging Republican incumbents in the Peach State, and the Senator has repeatedly messaged on how a church Warnock pastored at in the 1990s hosted Cuban strongman Fidel Castro. Tuesday’s radio hit was no exception.

“Castro gave an anti-American speech, blasting and ripping the country right there in Harlem, attacking the United States,” Rubio said, noting that Warnock has not renounced that decision by his former church.

“When he was asked the question, he should have said ‘I repudiate Fidel Castro and all he stands for’,” Rubio said. “You know why he doesn’t do it?”

“I can’t tell you what he believes about Fidel Castro,” Rubio said. “But what I am certain of is this. The reason why he won’t do it and why others like him won’t do it is they want the people who think Fidel Castro is a great guy to vote

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