Sen. Marco Rubio doesn’t face the voters again until 2022, yet he is fundraising for whatever challenge awaits.

In the first quarter of 2019, Rubio raised $242,000 to his official committee (Marco Rubio for Senate), with another $157,500 coursing to the Rubio Victory Committee PAC.

Rubio ended Q1 with $810,833 in his official committee, and an additional $32,708 in the Victory Committee.

Of the 3,415 donations to Rubio’s official committee, 1,288 came from Florida. Publix, Crowley Maritime, and the Harris Corporation were among the donors with in-state business interests.

Back in 2016, when Rubio ran for President of the United States, Rubio benefited from what was called “secret” money, with over $10 million coming in from a group called Conservative Solutions USA, as POLITICO reported.

Three years out from an election, however, there’s no call for anything like that.

Rubio’s Senate colleague, Republican Rick Scott, has proven an ability and willingness to self-finance during each of his three campaigns, and so modest fundraising numbers aren’t much of a metric where he’s concerned.

Nonetheless, Florida’ junior Senator’s Rick Scott for Florida committee raised just $29,699 during the quarter. However, $1.3 million is on hand.

The National Rural Electrification Association donated

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