Marco Rubio, Rick Scott break with Donald Trump, reject challenge to Joe Biden Arizona win

Both U.S. Senators from Florida joined a bipartisan call to put election challenges behind the body and end the fractious 2020 Presidential election by voting against a challenge to Arizona’s electoral slate.

Both Sens. Marco Rubio and Rick Scott, both Republicans and allies of outgoing Pres. Donald Trump, voted against the challenge Wednesday night.

Rubio, in a video released Wednesday evening, said the chaos on display in D.C. catered to the whims of China, Iran, and Russia, resembling third world dictatorships.

Rubio and Scott each had resisted taking a firm position on challenging electors going into Wednesday’s proceedings, with Rubio offering no statement and Scott contending that he may challenge Pennsylvania’s electors in a statement earlier in the day.

However, it is unlikely that the Senate will countenance a challenge that far into the alphabet, giving the disinterest among most Republicans in entertaining the Arizona challenge, especially after pro-Trump terrorists stormed the Capitol, destroying property, endangering lives, taking a life and making America the punchline and the pity of the world.

For Rubio and Scott, the vote does not come without consequences, even in a 6-93 vote.

President Trump and sons Eric and Donald Jr. have vowed that “weak Republicans”

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