Marco Rubio sees ‘danger’ in Donald Trump social media blackout

President Donald Trump, whose rise to the pinnacle of power was fueled by Twitter, has been unceremoniously deplatformed.

Banned from Twitter for inciting an insurrectionist riot against the U.S. Government while serving as President of the United States, Trump has easily become the most high profile example of cancel culture on the right.

And for U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio, Trump being divested of his ability to make his thoughts known on Twitter is a tragedy with potentially dire consequences, as he tweeted Saturday morning.

“Even those who oppose Trump should see the danger of having a small & unelected group with the power to silence & erase anyone. And their actions will only stoke new grievances that will end up fueling the very thing they claim to be trying to prevent,” the second-term Republican chided.

It is telling that even as Republicans consider removal of the President for encouraging tens of thousands of his most bitter supporters to storm the Capitol as the election of his successor is certified, Sen. Rubio is more focused on Twitter bans than the precarious ledge upon which National Security sits.

Rubio has said he will push a “center-right” rebrand headed into

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