Margie Viera: Why I support Florida’s Family Empowerment Scholarship proposal

Florida is the nation’s leader in empowering families with high-quality educational choices.

It’s a fact that close to 50 percent of Florida students exercise some form of school choice.

However, there are still countless families who can’t find a public option that fits their child. I should know — we are one of those families.

I’m a single mom to two wonderful boys who are, unfortunately, struggling in their current school. I am also a small-business owner and, while some years are better than others, I’ve never made enough to afford to send them to a private school.

Now you can imagine my excitement when I learned that the Florida House has proposed a new scholarship program that would allow me to choose a private school for my sons.

Last year, I applied for the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship program, but we weren’t eligible because my income is just enough to disqualify our family.

The Florida House’s plan would include families like mine and other single moms who are doing their best to help their sons with little or no assistance.

For our family, access to a scholarship would be a lifesaver.

Otherwise, I am

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