Margot Robbie Reveals Why Her Thanksgiving Always “Goes Up in Flames”

Margot Robbie may be an Aussie, but that hasn’t stopped her from diving into Thanksgiving traditions. Unfortunately, as much as the Birds of Prey star loves the holiday, she hasn’t quite mastered one of its most beloved side dishes

On Nov. 18, Margot sat down virtually with Good Morning America‘s Robin Roberts, Michael Strahan and George Stephanopoulos where she admitted she tends to light one of her Thanksgiving favorites on fire: yam casserole. 

“I didn’t grow up with Thanksgiving or the food that goes with it but every year I try and I try and it literally and figuratively goes up in flames,” she explained, before adding, “It’s marshmallows! They’re so flammable.”

In 2018, Margot talked about the unfortunate yam situation in an interview with USA Today. “Last year for our Friendsgiving, all the ‘orphans’ in town, we just [cooked] a big feast. I was in charge of the yams and I lit them on fire,” she recalled. “It was terrible. So this year we’re dividing up who’s cooking what and I was like, ‘I’d really like to give the yams a go again!'”

While baking a yummy yam casserole may be Margot’s ultimate Thanksgiving project, it’s not the only dish that has ended in disaster for her. 

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