Mariah Carey Reveals the Shady Reason She Excluded Fiancé James Packer From Her Memoir

Mariah Carey‘s unbothered response to an interviewer’s question is reminding us of an iconic pop culture moment. 

In a recent interview with The Guardian, the singer said she chose not to make mention of her engagement to billionaire James Packer in her memoir, The Meaning Of Mariah Carey, because, in her words, “If it was a relationship that mattered, it’s in the book. If not, it didn’t occur.”

Obviously, the writer was confused with the idea that the nearly two-year romance “didn’t occur,” telling the 50-year-old, “But you were engaged to Packer.”

But, it seems that the Grammy-winner stood by her assertion that their relationship never “mattered”, explaining, “We didn’t have a physical relationship, to be honest with you.”

Welp, there you have it.

Her blasé response was reminiscent of the time the singer uttered the now-iconic line: “I don’t know her.” 

“Her” is assumed to be Jennifer Lopez, although Mariah herself refuses to acknowledge the pop star directly or indirectly because of an unexplained feud. In other words, if you cross Mariah, you’re officially persona non grata. 

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