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(CNSNews.com) – Voters in Florida were first to pass a ballot initiative Tuesday legalizing the use of medical marijuana by people with specified debilitating diseases and conditions – one of a nine statewide initiatives across the nation this year to decriminalize or legalize marijuana.

California, Nevada and Massachusetts voters followed suit, in all cases passing measures to legalize the recreational use of marijuana for over-21s, while those in North Dakota and Arkansas voted in favor of legalizing medical marijuana (a similar measure narrowly failed in Arkansas in 2012, while an initiative in North Dakota the same year failed to reach the ballot).

In Montana, where medical marijuana use has been legal since 2004, voters passed an initiative to drop a current restriction limiting marijuana dispensaries to having three patients.

Final results are awaited in Maine, where the “yes” vote for recreational marijuana use narrowly leads. Only in Arizona did voters reject a measure to legalize recreational use of the drug.

According to ballotpedia.org, as many as 80 million Americans could find themselves living with more relaxed regulations regarding marijuana use as a result of the measures.

From grass to guns, from bilingual education to banning plastic bags, voters faced a raft of decisions on Tuesday beyond the most pressing ones. Among the most unusual: a proposition in California requiring pornographic film stars to wear condoms.

Other initiatives on states’ ballots Tuesday included:

–A proposition in California that requires directors of pornographic films to provide condoms to performers and ensure they are used when they have sex intercourse while being filmed. They would also be required to fund vaccinations and health checkups. Porn film industry figures have complained about a provision that would allow any resident of the state report violators. MEASURE FAILED 53-46 PERCENT

–A California initiative that would repeal most of a 1998 “English in

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