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Liberate Physician Centers Tampa Bay

12679 Seminole Blvd
Largo, FL 33778

Hours of Operation

Mon – Fri 9 – 5

Liberate Physician Centers is a recommending medical marijuana clinic in Tampa that certifies patients daily for their Florida MedCard. Please contact Liberate Physician Centers office to schedule an appointment for initial visit, transfer, or follow up visit.

Liberate Physician Centers located at 12679 Seminole Blvd in Largo, FL 33778, is helping Florida patients get certified for medical marijuana. This allows a person with a qualifying medical condition access to THC and CBD for treatment from state licensed medical marijuana treatment centers, dispensaries.

Liberate Physician Centers are dedicated to providing customized cannabis programs to the members of our community & helping them achieve their personal wellness goals.  Through professionalism, knowledge, & service we will care for our patients with the same compassion and care that we would provide our own families.

MMJ certifications are good for up to 210 days which typically include with the initial visit three 70 day refills, before having to visit your medical card doctor again for a renewal.

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What People Are Saying

Hannah A
Hannah A
21:11 28 Sep 21
Great company, professional staff, makes everything simple and easy! Highly recommend!
Aesthetic Dreams
Aesthetic D.
15:38 07 Sep 21
Wonderful experience! The staff is very welcoming and knowledgeable about the industry, products, and dispensaries around the area. Deciding to make an appointment here has changed my life for the better. I am truly pleased with my visit!read more
David Paulauskas
David P.
16:21 11 Aug 21
Amazing staff!!! Very easy to work with and they help you understand all of your questions. They handle all the paper work for you with there gold package so all you need to do is fill out paper work and show up for your appointment.I refer everyone to Liberateread more
Steve Gibson
Steve G.
19:54 28 Jun 21
Couldn’t have been easier. I didn’t really know what I was doing so did the Gold package and they handled everything and it went perfectly smooth. Well worth it to me!read more
Dan Koda
Dan K.
21:14 07 May 21
Staff very helpful, knowledgeable, easy to work with and understand. Doctor was right on, insightful! The puppy dog was great too!!! Thanks to all of more
Melissa Kay
Melissa K.
15:15 04 May 21
The staff is super friendly, appointments run on time (what doctors office can you say that about?), the doctor answers any questions you may have on what would be best for you. They make the process easy and you leave with an very detailed information more
Meah Johnson
Meah J.
21:17 03 May 21
Great over all experience! Made the process so simple and explained in detail about products and services! Could not have been happier with my choice to go with this company. Check them out!!!read more
Jerry Hotho
Jerry H.
15:42 03 May 21
Now that medically prescribed cannabis is readily available, I knew it was important to receive professional, compassionate and personalize advice on the proper route to take. The doctors and staff at Liberate provided me with that peace of more
23:00 30 Apr 21
They make it real and simple, actually real simple! Doctor Lewis is very pleasant to talk to and has good advice.
00:18 17 Mar 21
I couldn't have felt more comfortable discussing my medical needs with the staff and especially Dr. Lewis. Got great info from him on possible conflicts between supplements and the terpenes and good info about edibles. Reasonable cost for the process and, again, a great staff!!read more
Microsoft Account
Microsoft A.
20:18 15 Mar 21
The entire staff, from reception, to physician, check out were personbable and professional. It is comforting to know that I can refer my family, friends and neighbors to Liberate. By the way, those that I have referred, share the same more
Xai X
Xai X
15:58 10 Mar 21
Everyone here makes you feel welcome and it's not stressful getting an appointment or getting recertified. Would highly recommend Liberate to more
Papa John
Papa J.
09:34 25 Feb 21
Fast friendly service family like Dr Lewis knowledgeable and provided reference to care, quantity and timing of medicating important information even for this old timer. The ladies in the front office are friendly and caring with Afton handling the check in and Savannah handling the paperwork and license, Took about 5 days for the state to approve my application and was able to visit a dispensary the same day Thanks to all In Liberate Largoread more
Robin Greenley
Robin G.
16:10 07 Dec 20
Debbie Imus and her staff are excellent!!I was new at all of this and they informed me , Answered all my questions. Gave me suggestions as well as referrals. Very knowledgeable very polite. And I have contacted them since I received my card with some questions and they have responded immediately. Very happy with the process. Would recommend this to anyone!read more
Tara Nichols
Tara N.
15:39 02 Dec 20
Debbie Imus and her staff and Physicians are wonderful. Very informative and the Largo location offers an extremely nice atmosphere. Anyone interested in using this type of service should definitely visit. They have several more
Karla M
Karla M
13:20 23 Nov 20
Debi and her staff are absolutely amazing. They will ensure to guide you and take very personalized care of your needs. Professional and very knowledgeable. Highly recommend!read more
Alexandria Brock
Alexandria B.
14:48 20 Nov 20
Aside from them being great community leaders and advocates, the team at Liberate are also so kind and helpful! Anyone looking to learn more are welcomed and never pressured to do anything. I recently learned that the Tampa Bay locations are family ran; But I shouldn't have been surprised, because they have that family feel as soon as you walk in!read more
Matt Funk
Matt F.
12:13 20 Nov 20
Patient and understanding with the needs of the customer, convenient location, extremely personable and professional staff. Will walk you through all aspects of the process to find the right product and services for the individual. Debbie and her team are a great resource to visit and explore your options.Highly recommendedread more
Joshua Adams
Joshua A.
21:33 19 Nov 20
Debbie and her staff are absolutely amazing! Their facility is so clean and comfortable to visit. And the staff is very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend Liberate Medical for your medical marijuana card more
Jenergy Reynolds
Jenergy R.
20:37 19 Nov 20
Liberate Medical took extra special care of people that I referred with chronic pain problems. They made the certification process super easy and were terrific with customer service! They are great people who really care about helping you feel better!read more
I was very nervous to come and talk with anyone but Debbie and her team were extremely professional, welcoming, patient and educated me through the entire process. They walked me through every step of the way and I couldn't have had a better experience! I highly recommend them!read more
Ralph Kay
Ralph K.
19:17 19 Nov 20
Debra and her team are wonderful, helpful, caring and a true calling to help their clients. Their office is super clean and inviting! Debbie and her team are the only ones I recommend to family and more
Very special people. Made me feel really comfortable.
Alycia Hernandez
Alycia H.
19:05 02 Sep 20
Debra is absolutely an angel. I am so very pleased with the service provided by Liberate Tampa Bay. The staff in Seminole is very professional, polite, and kind. The doctor is very knowledgeable and attentive to detail. Overall experience was AMAZING. I Highly recommend using Liberate Tampa Bay for your medical needs!read more
James Janota
James J.
19:26 20 Jul 20
This place is great relaxed. The crew in there was warm and friendly. They made sure all the T's crossed and the I's dotted. The Doctor there was down to Earth and explained things that weren't over your head. That was more
R Ramirez
R R.
19:55 14 Jul 20
My experience at Liberate Tampa Bay has been everything I hoped for. The staff here is patient, efficient, knowledgeable, helpful, and SO friendly! My appointment with Dr. Lewis was thorough and highly informative. I didn't know what to expect when I began this journey. However, I did know that I needed a better me, a better way, and I have found it! Thank you Liberate and it's amazing staff for helping me on my journey towards wellness!read more
Dan Gill
Dan G.
12:39 09 Jul 20
Great service! Great people!
Tracie Abney
Tracie A.
00:09 09 Jul 20
Wonderful staff and doctor! They were very helpful every step of the way! I’m happy I chose the Liberate team!
sun hud
sun H.
21:40 08 Jul 20
Everybody was very friendly, the process was very simple. I highly recommend this facility for your medical marijuana card more
blake bourgeois
blake B.
21:11 08 Jul 20
Great staff. Suffer from touretts and the doctor was very helpful and explained the treatment.. Highly recommend.
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