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126 Duval Street
Key West, FL 33040

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9am – 9pm Daily
By Appointment

About Miracle Leaf

Miracle Leaf is the premier medical cannabis health center for Florida residents in search of alternative pathways to healthier living. We vow to assist our patients throughout the entire process; from the moment a patient walks through our clinic doors to the moment they receive their certifications for medical cannabis. Our state-certified cannabis doctors work tirelessly to ensure our patients live happier and healthier lives. Visit our clinic nearest you for more information about getting certified for a medical cannabis treatment plan.

  • Medical Evaluations
  • Same Day Approval
  • Fast and Affordable
  • Certified Marijuana Doctors
  • Walk-Ins Welcome
  • Easy Appointment Scheduling
  • Treatment of Aliments
  • Alleviate Symptoms

What People Are Saying

Briana B.
Briana B.
Io was so helpful! Great experience overall.
Jesse B.
Jesse B.
My previous doctor is also an ER doc so it takes awhile for an appointment. I can’t wait. So I called Miracle Leaf and they offered me an appointment next day without me even asking. So convenient. It’s actually more convenient for me because they are right on Duval and near me. I high recommend them!
Denise B.
Denise B.
Fast and Cordial service.Dr and Staff so helpful.Thank you!
Melissa B.
Melissa B.
Tangles Kayla Dr. Walker were absolutely. Amazing. I HIGHLY recommend Medical Leaf
Jesus D.
Jesus D.
Great, friendly, quick service. Kayla and the rest of the team made it super easy to get my card renewed and keep up with my doctors visits.Thanks guys!
Brandie S.
Brandie S.
After my previous doctor told me they didn’t know when they could get me in to refill my prescription (totally open-ended, mind you) I sought out someone new to work with. I was able to see Dr Walker at Miracle Leaf the very next day. She was professional, down to earth and all around lovely to work with. Absolutely recommend.*the front desk guy (who I hear is quite new) sent me double emails with all the forms - so that was slightly confusing. But that’s not enough to remove a star IMO, considering the rest of my experience.
Miracle leaf is a scam! Paid $200 to use their services, the doctor will limit your inhalation for concentrates at 20k mg. Other doctors will set the limit as high as 70k mg. MIRACLE LEAF NEEDS TO NOTIFY CUSTOMERS THAT THEY WILL ROB YOU OF YOUR PRESCRIPTION AMOUNT BEFORE ACCEPTING MONEY FOR SERVICES THAT ARE NOT AS DESCRIBED. IVE BEEN WITHOUT MEDICINE FOR OVER MONTH AND THEIR ANSWER TO ME WAS "GO DOCTOR SHOPPING WE WONT GIVE YOU MORE"Edit so the "owner" can see it since phones are busy.: I have irritable bowel syndrome and am constantly in pain that marijuana concentrates manage effectively. When I am without it's very unpleasant. "Your doctor doesn't think it's in my best interest". How so? What was explained to me is that shes scared to do her job under the false premice that she will lose her licence. Maybe you should fire the uneducated old lady and replace her with somebody actually knowledgeable in the field. Either way I'll gladly takea refund so I can go to literally any other doctor in Florida to get back the amount my prescription was before. Your doctor is the problem. My prescription was double what she set me at before coming to you guys.
Teresita V.
Teresita V.
The accessibility and convenience of this office is wonderful. You can call or walk in and have an appointment date almost immediately. This office isn’t that old so it’s extremely helpful that they have, Penny Walker, an experienced well rounded doctor on their staff.She is super nice and puts the needs and care of her patients above everything else. She is easy to talk to, and willing to explain everything from the process of receiving your license, rules and regulations to specific questions about products usage, and gives great recommendations for your specific needs.If you visit the key west office I definitely recommend requesting Penny Walker! She is nice, helpful, experienced, relatable, and explains things in a way even the most novice cannabis patient could understand. Most importantly she cares about her patients their needs and is overly accommodating!
Alex N.
Alex N.
Scott is amazing. This guy not only spent his whole morning removing 6 inches of water from the shop, but was a stand up host and super friendly. If you need a life changing massage his hands are larger than life. This guy rocks, come check out this place ASAP.
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