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Choice Med Group

2306 Greenbranch Dr
Suite 101
Wesley Chapel, FL 33544

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MON-FRI: 9:00AM-5:00PM


At Choice Med Group the mission is to improve the health and well-being of those they serve by providing patients an alternative to conventional pharmaceutical medications.

Successful treatment is achieved through experience, extensive research and patient education in the correct use of medical cannabis. Their care team is committed to excellence, compassion and competence.

Already Have A MedCard and Not Happy With Your Current Doctor? Transfer To Choice Med for $99

Med Marijuana Card Doctor in Wesley Chapel

Medical marijuana THC and CBD products in Wesley Chapel are available to patients with a Medical Cannabis Card. Your MedCard will be issued by the state following the doctors approval.

Simply fill out the MMJ patient registration form, press submit, and a Choice Med representative will contact you to schedule an appointment.

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What People Are Saying

Sharon Barnes (Dream)
Sharon Barnes (.
03:42 22 Jan 22
Dr was awesome, took the time to explain everything to me. Front girls were great, they had some man come in screaming and yelling about his appt, they handled it and him very professionally. I am glad I chose to come here.
Jason Pass
Jason P.
16:56 12 Jan 22
Staff is friendly and helpful. Entire renewal process is seamless and quick. Dr. Samalot is extremely knowledgeable and always on time.
Lora Clowes
Lora C.
20:41 05 Jan 22
It was a pleasure meeting with Dr Rutherford today in the absence of Dr. Samelot.Our conversion was enlightening and uplifting.The front office staff are friendly and helpful.Overall my experience with Choice Medical is and has been from the start easy and professional.
Patricia McCann
Patricia M.
11:38 03 Dec 21
All Doctors knowledgeable, most comfortable ,clean and organized exam room I’ve been in,Ifelt Covid safe, I would like all my Doctors appointments there. I’ve been a patient for three years, the staff is friendly,efficient, compassionate
Elizabeth Heenan
Elizabeth H.
22:14 27 Oct 21
Walked me through every step and they were so easy going and patient with all my questions! Dr Samalot put me right at ease and made the process simple!
Jake Gilbert
Jake G.
19:58 23 Sep 21
Very polite and helpful staff, patient and educated physician as well. Dr. Rutherford answered my questions thoroughly and advised me of best practices. Would definitely recommend to someone in need of council.
Emilie Wilcox
Emilie W.
14:36 17 Sep 21
Great experience! The two ladies upfront were sweet and very helpful and the doctor had a great positive attitude very helpful with great suggestions! I totally recommend him!
Jay Goralgia
Jay G.
17:23 03 Sep 21
This was recommended to me as the best medical marijuana practice in the area, and I was not disappointed. The office staff, nurses, and doctor were all very helpful, understanding, and eager to provide all the resources and support needed. This is an excellent practice to help one get the care they need.
Nichole Asato
Nichole A.
15:02 27 Aug 21
The staff is extremely friendly and the Doctor answers any and all questions you have. They truly care about your health and deliver you the best care. I highly recommend them.
lance thomas
lance T.
21:46 18 Aug 21
Nina was super friendly and walked me through the process to anyone considering getting a medical card i highly recommend choice med group! Dr.Jose was also super friendly and made the whole process relaxing and informative and super quick thank you guys 🙂 -Daniel
Bradley Beall
Bradley B.
20:09 18 Jun 21
My life has totally changed since I hooked up with choice of med group, I could not be happier. The peripheral neuropathy I have in my legs is now manageable And easier to put up with. The staff has been terrific, the communication excellent, and the doctor is terrific.
Michelle McClusky
Michelle M.
19:06 16 Jun 21
Every staff member that I've spoken to have been so kind & caring. They have helped me when i had to reschedule an appointment and were extremely understanding... The Doctor that I was assigned to is absolutely so kind. The doctor made it easy for me to talk to him and explain my medical conditions. Very nice office to deal with
David Crabtree
David C.
17:58 10 Jun 21
The Choice Medical Group office and staff were outstanding. I was greeted immediately and was called back to see the doctor in quick order. The doctor and his staff were very knowledgeable and thorough. I highly recommend Choice Med Group.David C.
Melvin Tobey
Melvin T.
02:22 23 May 21
This place is as good as it get in the Medical Card , the staff is all good they know there stuff!! Just don’t Understand why they start everybody out at 14,000 mg for Vive recommendation for 70 days then they want to call Lynn every time you get close to running out the window gone in three or four times every 70 days just wish I had a better system besides that they’re awesome would highly recommend these people to anybody!!!!!
Bearing Fruit
Bearing F.
16:25 20 May 21
Everyone at Choice Medical group was so friendly and helpful. They were punctual, considerate, and answered all our questions. The office is very clean too. I would absolutely recommend this location!
Nikki Bruce
Nikki B.
01:33 13 May 21
I have been holding off on a review until I had my 7 month recheck appointment. I have only GREAT things to say about the whole process! Each member of the staff is amazingly polite as well as caring. I had circumstances where I had to reschedule my appointment- twice- and they were still compassionate to my needs! I have recommended Choice Med Group to many people and they are now working towards their own freedom from pharmaceuticals like I am! It is such a nice change from the normal, grumpy employees everywhere else you go. But maybe if we spread the word everyone will be legally medicated soon enough! 😊
Linda J Hensley
Linda J H.
19:59 06 May 21
Had a great visit with Choice Med Group. The doctor and the staff were great. The doctor was very easy to talk to and answered all of my questions. He took his time with me made sure I understood the process as well as the medical marijuana that he was recommending for me. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a doctor to obtain medical marijuana.
Jennifer Bartle
Jennifer B.
01:24 06 Apr 21
My Dr was friendly and humorous. I felt very relaxed and comfortable with the staff and Dr. My visit was thorough yet quick and efficient. Great experience all around! Highly recommend to any persons seeking a good Dr for a card recommendation.
Fernando Jones
Fernando J.
14:25 26 Mar 21
I had great experience from start to finish. Excellent staff and very professional. Nice and clean facilities. The visit was comfortable. Dr. Jose answered all of my questions and provided me with a lot knowledge. I would definitely highly recommend Choice Med Group. Thank you Dr. Jose and staff for being so helpful and professional!!!
Genie Champlain
Genie C.
15:42 10 Mar 21
I am very happy with this doctor. The one time I went to the office it was very clean and the staff are always very nice. The video appointments are always right on time. The reminders are wonderful. Professional people at their best!
James Pugliese
James P.
20:15 26 Feb 21
The doctor is great easy to make appointments they work with you all the way and stay in touch with you to make sure everything’s going well I give them five stars
Stephanie Perdomo
Stephanie P.
13:18 04 Feb 21
Very efficient, the staff was friendly and the place was very clean. Overall a very professional feel. The doc was great and explained things in detail and answered all my questions. The whole process was fairly quick, but I didn't feel rushed.I would absolutely recommend Choice Med Group.
Gil Caputo Garcia
Gil Caputo G.
21:59 27 Jan 21
The front office staff were friendly and helpful explaining the whole process. The Doctor was also quite friendly and took the time to answer all my questions.
Mark Bright
Mark B.
19:02 20 Jan 21
Everyone was very nice and professional. The office staff is proficient and explains everything in great detail. Dr. Samalot will put you at ease and is very thoughtful.
Zulma Torres
Zulma T.
21:43 15 Jan 21
Great staff! The girls are very friendly and extremely helpful! Dr. Jose was also very friendly and he made me feel very comfortable and answered all my questions with extreme patience. I would highly recommend Choice Medical Group!! It’s a big plus when a doctor’s office can make you feel so welcomed!! Thank you for the outstanding service!!
Marilyn Rodrigue
Marilyn R.
21:14 15 Jan 21
Very pleasant experience. Doctor and staff very helpful, informative & understanding. Listen to details and explained the process in detail.
kari moore
kari M.
19:37 15 Jan 21
I must say my anxiety was through the roof going into my first appt. The saff was so friendly and they all eased my anxiety quickly. The office was very clean , the doctor was very through and explained everything in detail to me. I am estatic to see this change my life! Thank you all you guys rock!!
sue Padgett
sue P.
23:15 23 Dec 20
The staff and the doctor I worked with were very understanding, caring and described everything in detail. I felt very comfortable speaking with them and seeking their guidance. I was very pleasantly surprised and feel very confident that they can help me with my condition and issues. I will definitely be recommending them to folks I know that would benefit from their assistance.
Delores Hall
Delores H.
21:44 04 Dec 20
Very professional, clean and courteous! Dr. took time to explain medical aspects and expectations. Staff explained every step also!
Ralph Malpeso
Ralph M.
13:04 11 Oct 20
Dr. failed to return my call after the fact that I ran out of inhalations due to the dispensaries not having the right amount of inventory very disappointed debating on whether going to another doctor
20:29 02 Oct 20
Extremely polite and informative staff. It was clear that they only wanted the best for me and clearly explained all options available. Couldn’t have asked for a better experience.
Jacqueline Cosme
Jacqueline C.
20:42 30 Sep 20
This is a new experience for me Nana in the front was very sweet and helpful. Dr Samalot was wonderful, patient, professional and caring. Office was very clean and organized. They provided me with a lot of information and assured me if I have any questions to please call them anytime. Thank you for making me feel comfortable. I would refer my friends and family.
Deano Dotson
Deano D.
18:36 28 Aug 20
They were really professional and safe in a covid-19 world. The doctor was very informative about the right path to take.
Leah Bug
Leah B.
20:11 26 Aug 20
As a first timer, I was a little nervous going into my appt but was quickly put at ease thanks to the super friendly staff 🙂 Environment is clean and professional. All my questions were answered thoroughly and I'm very happy with my experience! Thank you, Choice Med group,, highly recommended!
vicky white
vicky W.
15:31 21 Aug 20
Everything was very professional and efficient. I wasn’t sure how I felt about getting my medical marijuana card but the staff walked me thru the steps and made everything very easy for me. Now that I have my card o use it and have found it to be very beneficial for my health and not a recreational use.i am glad to have received the card and glad for the guidance from the staff.
Thomas Batten
Thomas B.
16:09 05 Aug 20
This was the easiest experience I’ve ever had with a doctor. I was seen immediately and the information was thorough. I would highly recommend Choice Med Group!
Jose Cardona
Jose C.
18:27 10 Jul 20
I definitely recommend Choice Med Group. Dr. Jose Samalot and his staff were very friendly and informative. They went above and beyond my expectations. All my questions were answered and they gave me some great recommendations as well. I was at ease the whole time and was in and out with no problems.
Maria Dryna
Maria D.
15:40 08 Jul 20
I was nervous but everyone was very professional and friendly. If you go in with transparency you won't have a problem feeling relaxed, even for someone with moderate-severe anxiety. The drive there was more harrowing than the visit.
Kathy Bramhall
Kathy B.
20:12 03 Jul 20
The office visit was very pleasant. The staff was great and the office was very clean and efficiently run. The Doctor asked a lot of questions as he should and he helped me understand my opinions. My overall experience was great. I would recommend the Wesley Chapel office.
Steven Chandler
Steven C.
16:13 01 Jul 20
Very professional and thorough, nice folks 👍 Got me in right away as a transfer patient, and adjusted my prescription, made it more suitable to my needs.
Brownie Brown
Brownie B.
15:17 27 Jun 20
The office staff are very professional and the office very clean. The also explained things in detail. Made sure to follow CDC guidelines even in the exam room. The Dr was thorough, asked important questions about overall health, even gave some recommendations. I would definitely recommend this location in Wesley Chapel.
Jane Gustafson
Jane G.
21:31 26 Jun 20
I am very happy with everything at my appointment! Everyone was so understanding of my condition and didn’t make me feel like I was drug seeking. I will definitely recommend them to anyone who may need medical marijuana!
Tristan Miller
Tristan M.
21:12 19 Jun 20
Dr. Samalot is very friendly and easy to talk to, but clearly demonstrates a great deal of knowledge in how to help his patients. His staff were also friendly and helpful with the process. Very efficient too!
Jacqueline Cosme
Jacqueline C.
18:33 10 Jun 20
This is a new experience for me Nana in the front was very sweet and helpful. Dr Samalot was wonderful, patient, professional and caring. Office was very clean and organized. They provided me with a lot of information and assured me if I have any questions to please call them anytime. Thank you for making me feel comfortable. I would refer my friends and family.
Keyin Ervin
Keyin E.
23:09 01 Mar 20
Choice Med Group was really cool kind of small hard to find for me but loved the enviroment. I have real bad anxiety and so keeping that calm and smooth enviroment is real important for me. The two beautiful young ladies one in particular were really kind and informative and I enjoyed my expeeince and can't wait to be approved and can't wait to go back.
Sue Caldwell
Sue C.
14:48 15 Feb 20
This clinic made me feel welcomed. The front staff were very nice and professional. The doctor was very focused on my wellbeing. I left the clinic feeling very optimistic they will be able to help me.
Donna Samlock
Donna S.
00:12 06 Feb 20
Very nice staff. Dr. Samalot is very nice and does not rush you through. He takes as much time as needed to be thorough with your case.
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