John Morgan is one of the smartest businessmen in America, not just in Florida. I said it in 2014, it’s just as true now: Underestimate him at your peril.

Florida’s highest profile personal injury attorney wants to be our next governor. Badly. Don’t think for one minute is a trial balloon lobbyist Ben Pollara is floating for his friend. 

Morgan, 60, said, “I have much to think about and do before I jump to a decision of this magnitude.” Not really. Trust me, the decision’s been made. He’s in.

I believe John Morgan is ready to write the next chapter of his life story as the head of government in Tallahassee. He’s always been a political animal, but on the side. He knows he’s a hot commodity right now, loves the doors the just-passed medical marijuana amendment opened for him, and he imagines the possibilities for himself and his business interests if he occupies the governor’s mansion.

Certainly he’s getting plenty of encouragement. Pollara, who was campaign manager for United for Care, plays up Morgan’s “courage and leadership.” Last week I heard two prominent Democrats compare Morgan to Trump. Like Trump, they said, Morgan is an outsider, an anti-establishment, “filthy rich,” powerful success story. That’s what voters want, they said — leaders who know how to get things done.

Democrats acknowledge Morgan’s profanity, outspokenness and hard-drinking lifestyle, but they say it will be forgiven, just as Trump’s liabilities have been: “People hear the bad, but they don’t care. All they really hear is hope.” Having said that, certainly Morgan has a disarming charm about him, too. Which will be the gubernatorial candidate’s best foot forward, one would hope.

As Morgan said in a prepared statement last week, “It is either extremely flattering that so many people put such faith in me, or sad that people have so

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