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Marijuana Doctor in St. Petersburg is here to help! If you don’t qualify, you don’t pay.

One of their board-certified physicians will evaluate you to determine if you qualify for a medical card.

As Florida’s leading provider of medical marijuana card recommendations helping over 25,000 patients and earning over 1,500 5-star reviews, Marijuana Doctor is committed to providing MMJ patients with compassionate, affordable, and convenient care.

Once you receive your recommendation, their helpful staff will assist you with the process, from registering with the Florida Department of Health to locating the medical marijuana treatment centers (MMTC) in your area. To provide patients with ease and access to cannabis based medicine, their patient evaluations cover all follow-ups & ordering for the next 7 months.

Marijuana Doctor values their community, providing the affordable option of a monthly membership program plus a year-round discount to Veterans for Patient Evaluations and in-office purchases of CBD products.

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What People Are Saying

Kelly Neville
Kelly N.
17:49 19 Jan 22
Got same day appointment today. Everyone is very friendly and helpful. Fantastic experience.
Ashley House
Ashley H.
15:28 08 Jan 22
Fast friendly and on my way. Just how I like it .10/10 recommend
Robert boys Meade
Robert boys M.
17:14 14 Dec 21
Very friendly staff I spent less time at this doctor than I have my entire life at any doctor they get to the point and are very proficient I would highly recommend this place Corey was the best doctor I've ever done withread more
Keisha Scott
Keisha S.
20:03 07 Dec 21
I like that Muv works well with me and has helped me with My pain. Would refer other ppl to check them out.
14:14 04 Nov 21
This place is a joke for a business. I knew it was going to be a mill but its business practices are suspect. I was called 3 times before my scheduled appointment (took about 4 days to scroll through for a 15 minute appt.) to verify I WOULD BE THERE AT THE SCHEDULED TIME. Each time, they insisted I be there on time. Day before, text me to confirm I will be there for an appt.I show up 15 minutes EARLY and am greeted by someone with a clipboard asking if I had an appt. After saying yes, she never looked up from her clipboard and said you need to reschedule! Their doctor went on vacation! I walked out and I was berated by the clipboard person to disclose my name so they can cancel my appt. for an appt. THEY can’t keep lol. Thank god I didn’t pay online for this service or I would be chasing that more
Gable Brown
Gable B.
01:35 21 Oct 21
Cory was a very helpful and understanding person he helped me find out ways to make my medical marijuana experience my more
Mia Pejic
Mia P.
19:32 03 Sep 21
i’ve only ever had great experiences with the doctors and everyone working. they’re such an informed and professional company and i would recommend anyone and everyone go to themread more
candice courtney
candice C.
14:39 31 Jul 21
Very friendly staff and from front desk to doctor. Extremely efficient and knowledgeable to updates. Recommend to all in more
Ashlee M.
Ashlee M.
15:19 27 Jul 21
Great experience! Very nice doctor and Akira was so sweet and extremely helpful. Would recommend them to anyone looking into the world of relief. The Process was simple and quick. I was 2 hours early and they got me in to see the dr. In minutes. I’m Thankful to begin this journey and it wouldn’t be possible without these more
Edna Fallur
Edna F.
18:34 07 Jul 21
Bella is absolutely wonderful to talk to and was super informative. She is very professional and personable at the same time, she let me know all options and reminded me that people want to still help!!! Thank you again MDread more
Kera Rollins
Kera R.
13:42 23 Jun 21
The atmosphere was so nice! Bella specifically has so a down to earth personality and was very helpful and Dr. Krutsick was very thorough with his information and helped me find the perfect product for my more
Emily Menefee
Emily M.
16:38 22 Jun 21
Such an easy process! Bella was incredible and had the best energy! Highly recommend coming here.
M Swango
M S.
19:57 25 May 21
BELLA WAS STELLAR!This woman went above and beyond making the whole process easy to navigate. She was not only professional and knowledgeable - but very patient in helping me with my crazy email problem. Thank you love!!!read more
Randle Rae Stock
Randle Rae S.
16:33 20 May 21
Bella was extremely helpful, knowledgeable and kind. I was initially nervous coming but she guided me through the process and made me comfortable. Now I can get access to the medicine I need and I feel confident about the process. Highly recommended!read more
Steph Labon
Steph L.
18:32 05 May 21
Bella is a breath of fresh air in these hard times. She went above and beyond for the other patients as well s myself. Dr. Jake was also amazing at informing me about the certification and made me feel much better bout this route of medicine. Thank-you guys!!!!read more
Miranda Riley
Miranda R.
15:23 01 May 21
Bella was super helpful! Tons of paperwork and she really went above and beyond to help us! Thanks so much. Recommend to all 😁read more
Royce Symister
Royce S.
13:41 01 May 21
Bella ! She’s amazing at the front desk & DR. Jake is an amazing funny doctor. I will highly recommend coming here. Thanks guys for helping my more
Rachel Yorston
Rachel Y.
13:46 17 Apr 21
Bella was amazing, personable and professional, despite single handedly running the show with no other help! The place was packed with patients and she handled it all professionally and with an amazing sense of humor. Give this woman a raise! Amazing experienceread more
Joshua Kane
Joshua K.
23:07 08 Apr 21
The whole experience was amazing. Bella really helped navigate the complex of paperwork needed, with a smile on her face. Dr. Kramer was friendly and knowledgeable. I’m very happy with their more
Analicia Shover
Analicia S.
22:39 31 Mar 21
Great customer service. Easy process. Bella is there with you step by step assisting you with the process of filling your form. The doctor appointment went smooth. Social distancing was practiced and everyone wore a mask. I would definitely recommend this location to anyone looking for a more
Ralph Baptiste
Ralph B.
16:14 30 Mar 21
This place was chill and professional. BELLA was amazing, and made the experience worthwhile!! She was very Charismatic and knowledgeable on the information. Answered every question I had. Thanks, Bella for everything and your amazing energy!!! 🙏🏿read more
Amanda Swain
Amanda S.
14:21 18 Mar 21
Such a wonderful place! Bella is such a sweetheart! Dr.Kramer Made everything very simple and walked me through everything before I could even think to more
David Caver
David C.
16:39 16 Mar 21
My time was very short and was able to receive the proper services that I asked for.Due to the issue with the scheduling office this was my 3rd attempt for getting my card. Thanks for information on your appointments hot line. The clinic is available for more
Cleo Jackson
Cleo J.
14:50 05 Mar 21
Stop into the office and spoke to ashley. She was amazing and knowledgeable about how to get your marijuana card. Great place to go to for your card I already set my appointment i cant wait to go back next week to get my more
Tani Gray
Tani G.
19:50 02 Mar 21
Dr. Kramer and Bella were fabulous! They were extremely helpful, and answered my questions before I asked them. To make things even better, they are professional, competitively priced and efficient (had me in and out in less than 30 minutes). Go here or be square!read more
Barbara Gilmore
Barbara G.
22:08 27 Feb 21
Totally didn’t know what to expect because friends shared bad experiences with other businesses. But I loved the Marijuana Doctor of St Pete. Respectful, helpful, friendly, informative, answered all my question, and now I’m just waiting for my card to arrive. I highly recommend choosing the Marijuana Doctor as your go to for insomnia, anxiety, more
Law Of Attraction Manifesting
Law Of Attraction M.
20:04 25 Feb 21
Bella is amazing! She was so helpful and kind. I was in and out in less than 30 minutes. Best doctors is St. Petersburg! I’m so happy with the service they more
genesis pino
genesis P.
21:03 16 Feb 21
I was very satisfied with my customer service at this office. Bella at the front desk was very kind and made my appointment a pleasurable more
Tj Edwards
Tj E.
18:40 10 Feb 21
Bella was an absolute delight. Made the appointment an absolute breeze. 20/10 would recommend.
Nick Tzavaras
Nick T.
18:50 14 Jan 21
Bella was amazing, super efficient, and extremely helpful. She was helping several people at once, never got flustered, and everyone was happy and impressed by her work ethic. The doctor was incredibly knowledgeable and knew answers to questions I didn't even know I'd have! Highly, highly recommend this more
Candice Higdon
Candice H.
14:28 14 Jan 21
This place took very good care of my husband.
Magic Mickey Green
Magic Mickey G.
17:19 01 Dec 20
Great place to go they are knowledgeable and very helpful I recommend them to everybody I know especially the girl who works at the front I think her name was Bella she is amazing person and very helpfulread more
Vicky Fitzpatrick
Vicky F.
19:45 10 Nov 20
Bella helped so many people and was so kind the whole time!!! Will be back to see her thanks marijuana doctor
Turd Ferguson
Turd F.
18:50 10 Nov 20
This place is amazing and Bella is the best person you can talk to about how to get relief from ptsd, pain, all that and it WORKS.!Do not wait! Join now they even work a deal if you can not pay all at once! Amazing oh yeah next door they have a pharmacy to buy it!!!Easy as possible,Thank you for for the time today to explain and help me get on board!!!!!!!read more
Garrison Bradford
Garrison B.
16:06 05 Nov 20
Dr Kramer and Ashley were very helpful! Excellent experience.
Milton Wendland
Milton W.
14:32 05 Nov 20
Answered my questions and explained everything to me. On time and I didn't feel rushed. Very helpful front desk staff.
Sean Gilheany
Sean G.
18:30 27 Oct 20
Top Notch Great staff Great location!
Analicia Shover
Analicia S.
18:11 27 Oct 20
Great customer service. Easy process. Bella is there with you step by step assisting you with the process of filling your your form. The doctor appointment went smooth. Social distancing was practiced and everyone wore a mask. I would definitely recommend this location to anyone looking for a more
Sandy Pino
Sandy P.
17:03 27 Oct 20
Love coming to this place. Great customer service. I was greeted by a very nice woman named Belle. She made me feel comfortable and welcome. I will definitely will be back and will recommend this place. Hands Down ~~5 Stars !!!read more
Laurel K
Laurel K
14:03 28 Jul 20
This place is wonderful and the staff are so incredible. Bella is so sweet and helped me and my fiancé get everything we needed to complete this process.We definitely will be only coming to Marijuana Doctor be for all our medical needsAND they have a badass coffee cup, for us coffee connosiorres 😻read more
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