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A mass shooting and multiple fatalities were reported Thursday at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg. Officials say upward of 20 people were shot. Here are the latest updates: 
1:13: From the 9-1-1 dispatch: “Suspect is dead, we’ve got multiple gunshot wounds were going to need multiple ambulances on scene.”Dispatcher: “Copy suspect is dead we have multiple injured on scene and we’re sending multiple ambulances.”
1:10: From the 9-1-1 dispatch, seven minutes after the initial call: “Code 4, suspect is down.” At eight minutes after the call, “He’s not breathing, is in Snyder Hall.” At nine minutes after the call, “Suspect is down, we’ve got multiple gunshot wounds were going to need multiple ambulances on scene.”
1:06: Oregon State Police have issued a press release: “The only information available at this time is:
It is believed there is only one shooter who is no longer a threat.
There is no current threat to the community.
Staff and family are being taken by bus to the Douglas County Fairgrounds to meet family. Emergency personnel are urging the public to avoid the area as it could hamper emergency efforts.
There has been a Joint Information Center established at the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office in Roseburg. Media- please do not call PIO phones at this time as it is only slowing the gathering of information for the upcoming releases. Thank you for the understanding.”
1:04: Brandon Polamalu, cousin to NFL star and Roseburg alum Troy Polamalu, teaches in Synder Hall. He sent his mom a text at 10:51: “There’s a shooting on campus. I’m OK mom.”
1:03: The Oregonian/OregonLive staffers are reviewing 9-1-1 tape from the incident calls, which first came in at 10:37 a.m. The incident opens with a dispatcher: “UCC this is going to be the Snyder hall. The…somebody is outside one of the doors shooting through the door there is a female in the computer lab. We do have one female that has been shot at this time. We’re still (incomprehensible) to get further.”
12:57 p.m.: The Register-Guard in Eugene, quoting a witness, reports that the shooter was a male, acted alone and was shot by police. The newspaper also cites multiple witnesses who say the shooting was isolated to one classroom: a writing and speech class in Snyder Hall. None of these details have been confirmed by police.
12:56: Dr. Jillanne Michell Associate Professor, English
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