Across the state, newly elected officials are trying to settle into the roles entrusted to them by the public. Many of them were inspired to seek office because of a single problem, and they’re probably just starting to see how much more there is to public service than any single issue.

For me, it all started because water wasn’t flowing through my front yard like it was supposed to. The concern about flooding in my yard put me on a path to run for local office and then the state Legislature, a course that gave me a firsthand look at how special districts perform a true service for the public.

I recognize that many Floridians have heard of special districts, but few really understand what they are. Simply, special districts are units of special-purpose local government. In many cases, they’re needed because there is no local government nearby to do the job.

I became a supervisor of the Acme Improvement District when I was elected to the Village Council in my hometown of Wellington in 2008. The district had been around since 1953 to provide drainage, water management, and infrastructure development in western Palm Beach County.

Members of the Village

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