You may notice that this website doesn’t cover many of the newer well known planned communities in Florida.  

As I started driving around the state in the 1960s,  I noticed homes popping up in these places.  Most of them were subdivisions that were part of massive lot sales programs. 

Lots were sometimes sold by mail order for $10 down and $10/month for 10 years.  I remember a General Development booth in Naples, Italy, where my ship docked in 1960.  I was in the U.S. Navy, and several of my shipmates bought lots in Port Malabar (Palm Bay, Florida) as long term investments.

Port St John, Florida

These lot sales programs resulted in subdivisions popping up all over the state in the 1950s and 1960s.  There were literally thousands of miles of paved roads with no houses.  Grass was growing up through the cracks in the asphalt.

The lot sales programs began to slow down in the 1970s when the federal government imposed new regulations.  The homes continued to be built, however, and many of these communities today are examples of giant urban sprawl.

Florida Shores is South of New Smyrna Beach in Edgewater on US-1

Many of them

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