Florida end of road towns such as Key West and Cedar Key seem to attract the nonconformist.

Maybe it’s because once you get there you have no place else to go except the Atlantic Ocean or the Gulf of Mexico. 

That place is literally the end of the road.

There is no way out except back in the direction you came.

People tend to learn to get along when they can’t avoid each other.

Florida has at least 24 end of the road towns.  Some of these towns are shown on the map above.

Key West, of course, is the quintessential end of the road town, not just in Florida but maybe in the entire United States.  But there are others that are fun to visit and that have a taste of that offbeat nonconformist ambiance.  Each of these towns offers a unique Florida back roads travel adventure.

Here is our list of towns with links to more information about each place.  


This small settlement is on St. James Island on Florida’s “Forgotten Coast” south of Bald Point State Park. There is a marina and the area is famous for its clam harvesting.  The “End of the

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