When going through difficult times people tend to look for ways to help them get better or at least lighten the burden. But unfortunately, medical facilities and services in Florida is not something worth dependent for. In fact, more and more people are already pleading for the state to create a change.

Kim Muszynski, mother of Abby, a 5-year-old girl who was diagnosed with congenital brain defects and microcephaly, shared how disappointed she is when it comes to Florida’s medical facilities. “Florida was unable to meet the needs of our medically fragile child,” Kim Muszynski said.

For six months Abby stayed in Florida for medication hoping for her to get better but unfortunately her condition only got worse. Until a doctor advised them to take a chance and use a high-THC marijuana instead, as posted by My Suncoast.

Marijuana during that time was not legal in Florida. That made Abby’s family fled to another state where they can avail the drug.

The process of transferring Abby to another state was not easy. According to Kim, their plea for a private air emergency transport was not entertained by the Florida officials. It was only then when they have asked support from influential people that it was granted as reported by CNN.

The family arrived in Colorado Springs in September 28. “We were so fearful of losing her,” Kim added.

With the new medication Abby has been getting, her situation became better. In fact, the medical marijuana even helped her control her seizures. Kim shared how she was so amazed with the incredible results.

Despite Kim’s testimony, the Director of Florida’s Agency for Health Care Administration Mallory McManus said, the state was still able to provide everything Abby’s family needs for support. He also added that helping Floridians is their goal so

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