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MedMen Products Menu | Dispensary and Delivery

Menu – MedMen products are now available in the FL market through their open dispensary locations and limited delivery. 

Below are the CBD and THC menu products being offered by MedMen to medical marijuana patients in Florida.


MedMen Smokable Flower - Bud

MedMen Indica Flower

MedMen Hybrid Flower

Platinum Jack Sativa

Sonic Orange Sativa

Sour Diesel Sativa

Chocolope Sativa Dominant

Sasquatch Sativa Dominant

MedMen Smalls Flower Sativa

MedMen Smalls Flower Hybrid

MedMen Smalls Flower Indica

MedMen Smalls Indica Dominant

Sativa Ground Flower

Sativa Dominant Ground Flower

Hybrid Ground Flower

Pre-Roll Hybrids - 1g Single

Chocolope Pre-roll 1g

Purple Punch Pre-roll 1g

Sour Diesel Pre-roll 1g

Indica Dominant 3.5g Multi-Pack

Indica 3.5g Multi-Pack

Sativa 3.5g Multi-Pack

Sativa Dominant 3.5g Multi-Pack

Vape Cartridges

Frost Boss


Harley Who

Bubba’s Gift

Mr. Nice x Trainwarp

Doctor Who

WW x Purple Jager

Head Doctor

Pink Flamingo

The New OG

The Eleven

Sonic Orange


CB Diesel

Quantum Kush

Holy Grail #2

The New OG

White Widow

Lemon Skunk

Nurse Jackie

MedMen Tinctures & Topicals

LuxLyte 1:20 Drops Sativa Dominant

LuxLyte 1:50 Drops Sativa Dominant

LuxLyte CBD Drops CBD Only

Statemade CBD Drops CBD Only

LuxLyte CBD Topical Spray CBD Only

Statemade ZZZ Drops Indica

Statemade Zen Drops Indica Dominant

Statemade One Drops CBD THC Balanced

Statemade Ebb Drops Balanced Hybrid

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