MedMen Dispensary and Delivery in Florida

Medmen Marijuana Dispensary and Delivery

Florida – MedMen, now open in Florida is one of the top multi-state dispensary operators in the USA.

MedMen started with a simple vision; cannabis as a consumer product. Quality standards matter, best practices matter, brand reputation matters. They operate scalable, highly-efficient grow facilities that utilize the latest technology and sustainable techniques with manufacturing standards comparable to those in the pharmaceutical industries.

Medmen dispensaries in Florida are class leading retail stores that sell CBD and THC marijuana products. Their open cannabis stores sell to Florida MedCard patients by walk in or delivery. You must have a gotten approval from a local participating doctor

Today, MedMen is one of the top cannabis brands to emerge in the  legal marijuana industry as well as a publicly traded pot companies. MedMen’s stock trades on the Canadian Securities Exchange, or CSE under the ticker symbol of MMEN.

Customer Service – (833) 633-6362

[email protected]

MedMen Products

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MedMen Marijuana Deliveries RX – Limited

MedMen delivery in Florida is currently limited to the Orlando area. MedMen menu products will be available by delivery as their presence spreads across the state and more MedMen cannabis stores in Florida open.

Please check back for their delivery status as well as MedMens dispensary products, menu, reviews, discounts and prices. Many of the Florida cannabis brands are delivering statewide.

MedMen Florida Dispensaries

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MedMen Florida
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 13 reviews
by Patrick on MedMen Florida

Great service. Helpful staff. I will be back again.

by Matt on MedMen Florida

Jacksonville Beach

First time at Medmen and it was a great visit. The store is so nice and everyone is So helpful. This company is going to take off. Just bought more shares

by Brian on MedMen Florida

Since MedMen had recently opened here in Tallahassee, On Veteran’s Day I made a trial run to their store on Thomasville Rd. to try their wares. Their store hours are a lot better, than most others, and I was pleasantly pleased with the atmosphere and the friendliness of all staff from door greeter to security. The interior is a nice wood tone.

Manager Rebecca and cashier Jessica were just awesome folks to deal with and very knowledgeable. If they keep this up, and their prices stay this competitive, they and MedMen should do very well here in Tally.

Now, to get to the quality…….95% of the time I fill my prescription in at the big “T” box store here in Tally, but I try to get to each new place that opens just to stir things up in my body….Sometimes much to it’s chagrin.

I was very pleased with their sativa blend of 85.16% (THC) – 0.19% (CBD). It made me a little more hungrier than I am used to, but that is fine, I can adjust meals to compensate. I also liked the longer time frame between the recommended dosage with this strain. But it is the uplifting feeling for me and the physical activity level is why I like a good sativa. It is usually (SSD) most of the time, if available in the size cartridge that I can afford at the time.

I actually look forward to visiting MedMen again and trying their other strengths and strains. Keep up the good work MedMen…….;-)

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with MedMen or any associate therein…..:-)

by Morniel on MedMen Florida

I agree the store is real nice, however I would not say they are completely upfront on pricing and product representative on there website.

There web site shows at least 20 vapes available in reality they had about five of those particular vapes

They advertise these vapes for $65.00 a gram (great price) on the web site, the store had it priced at 75.00 and new customers get 25% off???

I counted 15 employees on the floor and I was the only customer

But in all fairness it is brand new The employees are all in identifying uniforms very pleasant and extremely knowledgeable, but they did not have enough product, and a web site that misrepresents product and prices

by Gary on MedMen Florida

Excellent service, nice looking store, cool music! Chris and Jack were very knowledgeable and helpful!

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