MedMen Marijuana Dispensary and Delivery in Ft Lauderdale, FL

2949 N Federal Hwy
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33306

Hours of Operation:

Mon – Sat: 10am – 7pm
Sun 10am – 5pm

Payment Methods:

Cash and Debit Only
ATM Available On Site

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Dispensary – Open

Fort Lauderdale – A MedMen dispensary location at 2949 N Federal Hwy in Fort Lauderdale, FL 33306 is now open to service Hallandale, Hollywood, Pompano Beach and Broward County in general.

MedMen utilizes the latest technology and sustainable techniques in the regulated cannabis industry. This enables them to bring precision grade all-natural medical marijuana products to Ft Lauderdale medcard patients.

MedMen in Fort Lauderdale stocks a full range of THC and CBD dispensary menu products that include in a variety of vape cartridges, pens, THC oils, CBD oil, capsules, lotions, and sprays. Concentrates including shatter, crumble, syringes, and dabs along with whole smokable flower buds.

MedMen Menu Products

MedMen Marijuana Deliveries RX – UNAVAILABLE

MedMen Delivery Truck

MedMen delivery in South Florida is currently unavailable. At some point MedMen menu products will be available by delivery in Fort Lauderdale, Hallandale, Hollywood, Pompano Beach and throughout Broward County.

Please check back for their delivery status as well as MedMens medical marijuana products, menu, reviews, discounts and prices. Many of the Florida cannabis brands are delivering statewide.

MedMen Florida Dispensaries

What People Are Saying

Mahdi Sikder
Mahdi S.
02:06 18 Oct 21
What an incredible dispensary in comparison to most! Not only is the stage super friendly here and knowledgeable but the clerk who took care of me , Serena was her name, had to have made this one of my most enjoyable and easiest transactions I have been to in all of South Florida! MedMen you guys have definitely one my business both your facility and staff especially Serena will definitely see more of me!!! Thanks for making this a great experience!!!read more
Richard Rodriguez
Richard R.
20:00 11 Oct 21
First time in the store, awesome experience. Nicolas, the rep who attended to me, was super friendly and very knowledgeable about all the products they sell. The prices were good, service was excellent. The other staffers were also very nice and helpful. A great experience all-around. Will definitely be going back!read more
James Cunningham, P.A.
James Cunningham, P.
21:07 26 Sep 21
My first time at MedMen and a wonderful experience. Open, easy to walk around and look around even with a small group of friends which was nice since I don’t know my way around so we’ll. Benito was warm, welcoming, extremely pleasant and just made the entire experience fun. I would hugely recommend not only madman but Benito as your assistant. Thank you so muchread more
David Miller
David M.
18:31 15 Sep 21
September 2021 update. Met Louis for the first time today, a really helpful guy! He offered great recommendations based on my prior visits, super friendly, and took time to walk me though using a product I’d never seen before. Thanks Louis!First time in the store and Camila made it easy, informative and, dare I say, fun even!Product selection was good, not great, but Camila’s energy makes me want to return! Thank you thank you!read more
04:24 16 Jul 21
I just got my medical and awaiting for my card. I went to Medmen to get an idea of what a dispensary was like, and met Serena K. WOW!!! What an amazing young lady. She took an hour to walk me through what everything is and how it all works. I don’t care what deals the other places have, MedMen is like an Apple store, from the design to the the customer service. This is going to be my go-to place. Serena K. is amazing and has a customer for life!!!Went back recently and was goes by Louis. Just like Serena, he was patient a new more
Brandon The Donger (ThatsSoBrandon)
Brandon The Donger (.
12:29 15 Jul 21
My first visit, I was introduced to Kamali who took me on quite possibly the coolest in-store tour I've ever received. He laid out in detail what products were the best for which uses. He informed me about sales, a two for one, instructed me on how to obtain discounts. What he managed to do, and this is the important part, is he managed to make the experience of buying medical cannabis into a totally normal situation. That matters, being so new. My second visit was with Louis, very cool guy. I was curious about trying a new strand and he shot out his favorite with no hesitation - it's good when you shop with someone who knows what they're selling. And the suggestion was perfect, too. Love this store, great location, looks beautiful, awesome more
Jessica Realmuto
Jessica R.
23:47 14 Jul 21
A great experience working with a friendly and knowledgeable staff! All members have been extremely helpful in choosing the best therapy. Hannah, Louis, and Ricardo have been amazing at educating me on the most effective strains. The vibe is great, the location is always clean and tidy and, yes, it looks like an Apple store. Well, played MedMen. ❤💚read more
17:10 02 Jul 21
First time to this dispensary and had a great experience. Hannah was very kind and helpful, and made me feel right at home. The only down fall is I don’t like the fact you can’t tip your bud tender with cash. I understand they have their own reward system, but you wouldn’t go to a bar and your tip would be to review to the establishment and mention your tenders name. But anyways, THANKS HANNAH!!!Great more
Mark Shuller
Mark S.
04:06 16 Jun 21
I had an extremely pleasant experience today when I came in, and I was helped by Hannah. It was actually pretty impressive how knowledgable she was on the different products, and seemed genuinely interested in understanding what I was looking for. She helped me find exactly what I wanted and I couldn't be happier. I used to go to a different dispensary, but after meeting Hannah and my experience at MedMen, I will definitely be coming back to see Hannah for all my medicinal needs!read more
Pat Conatser
Pat C.
18:38 02 Jun 21
MedMen reminded me of an apple store for cannabis. The set was nice and very informational. I like how we are able to see and smell the different flowers. And the tablets that provides all the information of each product are great!The staff is very friendly and welcoming. My first time there Elizabeth welcome me at the door. Asked me a few questions to get an idea of what I like and don’t like and showed me around. After picking out the ideas I wanted she quickly rang me up while still providing great service. Because of her and my great experience all around I will be a returning customer.One thing I would suggest is daily deals. Some dispensaries offer daily deals that keep you coming more
Lex Luthor
Lex L.
19:58 20 May 21
I'm a first time patient of MedMen and I couldn't be more thrilled to have found this dispensary. It's in the heart of Fort Lauderdale and the store is beautiful. I was seen by Hannah, who is very knowledgeable about all of their products and had the patience to break it all down for me, since I'm new to the medical marijuana space, she's amazing! I will definitely be going back to this dispensary. I had a great experience and ended up getting a little bit of everything... flower, gels, drops and 2 pre rolls 😉read more
josh guzman
josh G.
21:52 16 Apr 21
First time.visit today, got helped by Elizabeth. She was very nice and knowledgeable. Looking forward to visiting again. Online order was painless even for a first timer. No stock issues like other places. You also get to see them working with flower behind glass. Nice change from a secret room behind locked doors. Reminds me of the west coast more
Grace Kowalski
Grace K.
23:03 22 Feb 21
I went here for the first time just now and I had to write my review immediately! The staff was amazing, so helpful, friendly, and whimsical. Everything is laid out so simply which is great for new patients. I want to give a big shout out to Kamali who helped me immensely and put a smile on my face after a long work day. He is truly one of the best people to provide service to me. I will definitely return when I get more
Bella Hoffmann
Bella H.
00:42 20 Feb 21
I’ve gone to MedMen a few times but Kendal really took the experience to another level. She was so knowledgeable about the products and really helped me make a decision on a strain that would help with my anxiety. She was so friendly and made me feel comfortable through the whole process. It’s employees like Kendal that really make the experience so worth it and enjoyable. I’ll definitely be back, as long as Kendal is there!read more
Madeleine Larson
Madeleine L.
00:26 06 Feb 21
This was my first medical dispensary experience and Monica was a huge help showing me around. Monica went over all the available options and helped me find the best fit for what I needed. Highly recommend this location! Staff is great, friendly, and down to earth, checkout is very streamlined, the place is super clean, and they’re very careful to follow all pandemic protocols which I really appreciate. Really awesome staff, selection, and overall experience!!read more
Theo Jones
Theo J.
10:49 28 Jan 21
What’s up Kandace and Maximo!!! Let me tell you guys...these two right here...are AMAZING. They allowed me to have an exceptional experience on my first go at the store. I was pumped and thrilled, almost overwhelmed, but they led me to just the right products. The facility was clean and sleek, the products are organized and on display like no other dispensary I’ve ever seen before, they were knowledgeable, and the overall hospitality was top tier. So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. Not just for a business transaction but for genuine care about the customer’s experience. See you all soon!read more
RC TrueReview
02:07 12 Nov 20
I recently took a trip to this new location and I was rewarded with great product, and wonderful service. I arrived and was greeted by Kelly who offered such a warm vibe, that I felt like I could see the helpful and warm smile through the mask. After such a fantastic experience, I had to return. Upon visiting for a second time, I wasn't let down with the level of service I received. I was helped by Monica who didn't hesitate to offer assistance, and Kamali answered a few questions for me, providing me with everything I need to write a review thanking the staff at MedMen. Management should know (I'm guessing they already have a clue) that the employees at this location deserve every kind word that comes their way. The are without a doubt the very definition of more
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