MedMen Marijuana Dispensary and Delivery in St Petersburg, FL

326 5th Avenue North
St Petersburg, FL 33701

Hours of Operation:

Mon – Sat: 10am – 7pm
Sun 10am – 5pm

Payment Methods:

Cash and Debit Only
ATM Available On Site


Dispensary – Open

The Burg – A MedMen dispensary location at 326 5th Avenue North in St Pete, FL 33701, is open to service St Pete Beach, Largo, Pinellas Park, Seminole, Treasure Island and Pinellas County in general. This is the first MedMen cannabis store in St Pete.

MedMen brings a sense of style along along with an exceptional instore customer experience while providing precision grade medical marijuana products to Florida medcard patients.

MedMen dispensaries stock a full range of THC and CBD dispensary menu products. Concentrates may be available including shatter, crumble, syringes, and dabs along with smokable flower or bud.

MedMen Menu Products

MedMen Marijuana Deliveries RX – UNAVAILABLE

MedMen Delivery Truck

MedMen delivery in St Petersburg is currently unavailable. 

Please check back for their delivery status as well as MedMens medical marijuana products, menu, reviews, discounts and prices. Many of the Florida cannabis brands are delivering statewide.

If you need your medical marijuana delivered, there are several brands that will accommodate. Follow the link for active dispensaries that deliver.

Medmen Florida

What People Are Saying

Ron Barawskas
Ron B.
20:45 12 Jan 22
First time coming to this establishment I was met by a young man named Josh. He took his time explaining everything to me in layman's terms. I'm one of these old guys. LOL. But Josh was very professional and courteous. He never hesitate to repeat and explain the products to me even after I have asked five or six times. This young man is very professional in what he does. Thanks Joshread more
Nathalie Dragwa
Nathalie D.
18:53 12 Jan 22
Hannah, Steven, and Scott helped me out. They were both so amazing. They had awesome recommendations. Will definitely come back. 10/10 recommend. Fantastic atmosphere!! I love this more
Saint Kyrt
Saint K.
00:10 11 Jan 22
This is my go to dispensary. The layout is the best I've seen and is set up like an apple store where you can smell, see, and learn about the strain of weed. When I go they always do me right. Hanoi always knows the current prices, what's in stock and what works for me. He is informative without being overwhelming.The evening crew is awesome and very more
Kathleen Autry
Kathleen A.
14:11 10 Jan 22
I am extremely excited to express my feelings with mad Men I love the employees they're all great one two they all know what they're doing and Hanoi R. Was able to help me out this time he was very knowledgeable with his information on marijuana. He knows everything there is to know about how you should feel comfortable how it should be an open situation and more out there and I appreciate it that and I appreciate it his knowledge on the products I was buying and his knowledge about Colorado and Arizona dispensaries and just that in general and I would give him just the five stars altogether but I'm going to give it to all y'all because all y'all at mad Men are more
BJ Grace
15:03 03 Dec 21
I love this dispensary! They are set up beautifully and they have great prices, products and I always find deals on their products! I hope they open up in Tampa or Lakeland that would be awesome! ❤️❤️❤️ Don’t change a thing like these other dispensaries near me they have doubled their prices and their products are not worth the price hikes. Check them out but save some for me!read more
Casilda Torres
Casilda T.
19:32 22 Nov 21
Josh was very helpful this morning when I called in to get some information about some promotions going on at the shop. He walked me through all of the deals, and talked about strains and THC content in depth. Nikki helped me in the store by showing me around, and was very informative. I really enjoyed my overall experience more
Patty Guz
Patty G.
18:54 19 Nov 21
Today was my first time at Mad Men. What a great set up. You can read, smell and look at the different flower strains. Awesome customer service! Stephen was very informative and friendly! I will ask for him next time I visit!😀read more
Aly Jones
Aly J.
20:58 16 Nov 21
I love it!!!! They were super fast even called and confirmed my order before heading out. Within an hour and a half Stephen and Scott showed up right to my doorstep. Definitely ordering again and again!!!read more
Steve Burns
Steve B.
20:50 11 Nov 21
This is a great store with awesome staff! Every time I shop here they will always help to make sure you are getting the best deal for what you need. Also If you place an online order and want to add to it once you come in to pick it up, they will not give you a hard time like some other dispensaries do. Today I was helped again by Brooke H. and the customer service just confirmed to me that its not just the quality of the product but also the friendliness and helpfulness of all the staff that has me coming back again and more
Catherine Chowdhury
Catherine C.
22:04 09 Nov 21
Stephen and Hanoi were super helpful during my visit at MedMen today. Both knowledgeable about each product and helped guide me in the right direction towards some great deals. Always love coming here with it’s chill and comfortable environment. Would love to see some concentrates or edibles being sold. I would be inclined to visit more often! Overall, amazing more
Robert Munford
Robert M.
15:38 03 Nov 21
My first visit to Medmen was very pleasant. I will definitely be returning in the future. It’s like an Apple Store for cannabis. Reece was super knowledgeable and friendly. I would love to see one of these open up in Manatee or Sarasota more
Maria DiSclafani
Maria D.
16:35 26 Oct 21
I have been several times to Medmen and every time the service has been exemplary. The employees are wonderful and knowledgeable, especially Scott, who had the pleasure of showing me around my first Florida dispensary experience and made me want to come back and explore more. The products are of high quality, it is easy to learn the information you want with the display system they have set up, and the employees are thorough, informative, and kind. Another time I went back and Brooke was very helpful to get something I wanted out of the display, as it was the only one they had. Probably going back today! Definitely be sure to take advantage of their point system to take full advantage of their more
Josh Rollins
Josh R.
18:52 24 Oct 21
Went for the first time yesterday. Reggae Riseup was happening and my wife and I needed a quick pick up. We were impressed with the inside of the store and how you can actually smell and looks at the products before purchase. Stephen at the St Pete, FL location was great and answered all our questions. We will definitely return!!! 💨💨💨read more
Matthew Frey AP, DOM
Matthew Frey AP, D.
15:36 02 Oct 21
It was an absolutely amazing experience! Tiff greeted me upon the store opening which was 3 minutes early! Love it! She then introduced me to my new friend Brooke! She was extremely kind and knowledgable! I felt like I was shopping at the Apple Store! Pretty cool! Brooke and Tiff, U ROCK!!!read more
Gabrielle Jeziorski
Gabrielle J.
20:23 29 Sep 21
I wish I could give this location and staff more than 5 stars. Brooke especially has been such a gem of knowledge and efficiency! Actually, every team member I've spoken to has been amazing each time. They make you feel like VIP from the second you enter the door.The location, product/price balance, and the staff make it worth a drive from Tampa. I truly call it my happy place because of how enjoyable they make the more
Donna Albritton
Donna A.
23:22 24 Sep 21
Great store, clean and well organized. Not all product types are available though. Brooke H. was the associate assisting us and I can’t say enough good things about the experience with her. Very knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. What a great asset she is for that store!read more
Pageboy, LLC
Pageboy, L.
18:00 11 Sep 21
This dispensary is right next door to our little shop. The MedMen team are all wonderful people. We've had so many great conversations with them. Plus, the interior space is like a design center. Super modern/chic. They listen to your needs and match you with the best product. Stop by and see them - then, swing by and see us!read more
Corey Cummings
Corey C.
22:00 26 Aug 21
The store is really sleek and nice. Stephen S. gave me a cute tour of the place and how things work since it was my first time there. He gave some good recommendations for different medication delivery options. Information for each of the products is literally right at your fingertips with the iPad display near each product but they have a great website for online ordering as well. I could make this my primary dispensary for sure. 👍🏼read more
21:59 26 Aug 21
Went to MedMen for the first time yesterday looking for a specific product. Unfortunately I was informed that they no longer had the oil I was looking for. However, Brooke assisted me with finding a similar product and made my visit a seamless experience. She was very patient with me and answered all of my questions. I left feeling good about my purchase and was even offered a 15% discount for being a new more
kim diep
kim D.
21:09 26 Aug 21
Phenomenal place! My first time ever and really was an amazing experience. Stephen really took his time to walk us through the space and explained everything thoroughly. Walked out with a ton of items and will definitely be coming back both for the products and for the wonderful customer service! Highly recommend this place and look for Stephen when you go 🤗read more
Chris Sinclair
Chris S.
15:12 18 Aug 21
Bret was amazing help. I would highly recommend this dispensary above others in the St Pete area. Bret gave me a tour of the facility and helped me narrow down what to choose from. The other employees were also very welcoming!read more
Adam daytz
Adam D.
15:47 07 Aug 21
It's one of my favorites. Brooke H helped me out last time I was in. I definitely left in a better mind set. I'm always in and out with my head down, only because there's no more curbside. While I remembered a name I should say something.Thanks Brooke and everyone who's been cool in my swift pass troughsread more
Michael Rischer (DR.PhD.Methaphysics)
Michael Rischer (.
22:20 30 Jul 21
Brook!If you need advice, reccomedation, suggestions, or being educated all around on products and feel, and detailed information period, she is the one. Great customer service. Great knowledge, super friendly and helpful. Understanding. Also her listening skills. She understand your needs and delivers to your satisfaction. I will always use her! You do hood to request more
Patrick Connelly
Patrick C.
19:19 30 Jul 21
I come in here often and everyone is always super helpful. Stephen and Josh were exceptionally helpful and friendly today. I appreciate the knowledge and helpfulness. Keep it up!read more
Sydney Sabol
Sydney S.
17:41 17 Jul 21
Every experience I’ve had at MedMen has really been awesome. First of all, red building is brilliant. Makes it very easy to spot. Second, the staff is SO NICE. Brooke has been the one to greet me and assist me multiple times and she’s honestly such a joy. Very kind, very patient and helpful. There’s another employee who I THINK is named Donnie? I asked Brooke for his name but I’m not confident about my memory. He has a southern accent and was wearing a selection of very gorgeous rings. I walked in , planning to only get one thing, but he sold me on so many other products! I left with a really great deal, and he was funny, personable, and so so sweet and engaging. We bonded over being “newly weds” and there’s nothing I love more than being greeted and assisted by an employee who listens and genuinely engages with the customer in an authentic and sincere way. I will 100% be coming back, just as I’ve been doing since I first discovered MedMen in St. Petersburg. THANK YOU BROOKE AND THANK YOU TO DONNIE?? THE SWEET PERSONABLE SOUTHERN MAN WHO SOLD ME 5 PREROLLS. My ONE piece of advice: more
Carol Gonzales
Carol G.
17:06 17 Jul 21
Great customer service! The staff was super nice. James took me on a tour and talked about their products with me. He answered all of my questions. He was a huge help discussing my options for what I need. I even received a discount for my first visit. I will go back to this location thanks to the great people working there. I want to mention Stephen S. also, super helpful and more
Jesse Dorr
Jesse D.
22:48 01 Jul 21
It was my first visit to the dispensary. I was very impressed with the facility & especially my consultation with Nicole! She was so friendly and knowledgeable. She really listened to my concerns & suggested a treatment plan that I am very excited to start! She made me aware of discounts that were available & explained the entire process in detail. I would highly recommend this dispensary & Nicole!read more
Amanda Killen
Amanda K.
17:30 22 Jun 21
First time visit ! James guided me through a Wonderful experience which could’ve been intimidating but he gave great explanations of products, uses and help deciding between options. extremely clean and well lit, organized facility with great tech interface so you can browse solo and get information from the tablets at each product station if having your own personal James isn’t your thing. ( it should be, he’s fantastic!)read more
Celeste Cornelius
Celeste C.
21:13 16 Jun 21
This was my first time to this store. Amazing staff and awesome product! I came in, not knowing that they were closing and they greeted me as if they just opened. Brooke was extremely helpful! I am super indecisive and she helped steer me in the right direction. I love the set up and Scott the manager is just as great!!read more
Amber Fischkelta
Amber F.
20:46 29 May 21
New fave dispensary! From the moment I walked in, EVERY SINGLE staff member was so welcoming and helpful. Brett B. is the one who dispensed my order and gave me my first timers tour and was just beyond nice and helpful so thank you! And Hannah the manager. I love this place now lol to sweeten the deal, the fact that your able to see and smell the different flower they have as well as use their tablets to get all the info on each product, is probably the main reason I will be going here from now on. Highly recommend!read more
Hunter Ryan
Hunter R.
10:43 09 May 21
Went to this store a couple of weeks ago for the first time. The man at the front door was welcoming and helpful. And Sylvie took her time showing me all their items, and made sure I was completely satisfied with my purchase. Overall, a great experience, and I can't wait to go more
Mike Clark
Mike C.
20:09 08 May 21
One of the best dispensaries I’ve been to yet! Definitely will be back. Bret and Scott welcomed me in and took care of my needs! Thanks guys! Need a location closer to home though! What’s up with the Sarasota location!? Delivery would be dope too!read more
Kevin Hitt
Kevin H.
18:31 02 May 21
After visiting different dispensaries in Florida, this company takes the layer cake. MedMen completely surpassed all of my expectations. From the quality of the website, all the way to the quality of the customer service, product, and in-store experience. Cindi and Tiffany took great care of me, ensuring I had all the information needed, dedicating both their time & attention to my questions. More than I can say for any business I've visited previously.When you visit a MedMen store, the building & in-store setup will speak for itself (you can actually see the product & smell it, instead of hoping a photo is available online - also a dedicated iPad to each product type with more info??? Hello). But the customer service truly takes it to the next level; I wish this business model was the standard for every dispensary.My only suggestion would be to increase the level of detail on the labeling, seeing the specific strain (specifically the cartridges) and maybe the location where that specific batch was grown would be neat to more
Jolie Wallace
Jolie W.
20:50 22 Apr 21
Tiffany H. made my first dispensary experience incredibly comfortable and spent a lot of time with me explaining all of my options and how I will benefit from each product. She was great! The place itself is also extremely organized and easy to maneuver throughout. I will definitely be going back!read more
Itay Seith
Itay S.
11:26 13 Apr 21
New & Excellent facility, kind & attentive help, superb care, & brilliant location for drivers & walk-in care. Thank You to the staff of MedMen St. Petersburg! I was provided all the information necessary to choose the appropriate amount & guided to buy the 1oz vape pen cartridges. I love these... and the discount system! Kisses & Love for the staff! May your business succeed & endure for more
Jennifer Carrigan
Jennifer C.
22:54 31 Mar 21
Hannah is AMAZING. My first time in last month she went through everything with me what helps, what won't help, what to expect, etc. Every visit since I've ended up getting Hannah who has always gone above and beyond to answer questions, go over product info, etc. I will return as this store has GREAT staff, good pricing, and a good product selection. Keep up the good work guys, thank you!!read more
Suling W. Made my first MedMen experience AMAZING! I am from out of town and was so excited to visit the dispensary. It is CLEAN AF and has everything out to view. Great retail selection too! I walked out with a cropped long sleeve and a cute rose gold grinder with my mixed ounce purchase! Thank you for making my visit as good as it can be!read more
Hannah was very helpful my first time and now I’m a regular. The layout is very open and relaxing. The prices on the carts are good for Florida and the flower selection is really good. 11/10read more
David Desper
David D.
01:58 10 Mar 21
Had very intelligent experience and very high tech stations that fit my condition. The professional staff set me up with $75 off your first order with new card. Their selection is well suited to be one of the top dispensary in Florida. It’s location is parking behind building but they offer pickup if you want to order ahead if needed. I like to see what is new and they made sure I got what I needed for my condition. Bravo to them for amazing service and dedication to the medical more
Frank Armstrong
Frank A.
21:44 21 Feb 21
Hannah B. was GREAT. Super patient and extremely helpful. Made the 1 hour trip as dispensaries near me are lacking the variety that Med Men offer. With that variety comes a need for quality patient care and Hannah B delivered. Thank you!read more
Corey M
Corey M
20:03 14 Feb 21
Med men is the best dispensary in pinellas county. I've been to almost every other one. They have the best prices for the best medicine. The two managers Brett and Scott treat you like family, hooked me and my fiance up with some cool merchandise to. I will definitely be making this my number 1 spot. Thanks team Med men. Very more
Lesley Peterson
Lesley P.
12:56 14 Feb 21
This dispensary is the best one I have visited in St.Petersburg, Fl. The layout of the store is unique, you can actually see & smell the flower they are selling. Scott was very knowledgeable of their products and knew what would be the best benefit to help me. I highly recommend more
Aleena Cacchillo
Aleena C.
18:57 11 Feb 21
I walked in for the first time today, Hannah was my pharmacist. She was very helpful. She walked me through and gave me the tour of the products available. There were many different options and the prices were the best around. I 10/10 recommend more
81 3
81 3
19:21 28 Jan 21
Tiffany was such a great help! I explained to her what was going on with me & she not only explained from experience but went the extra mile and did some more research for me! Best experience I’ve had at a dispensary hands downread more
Rebecca Medina
Rebecca M.
17:27 28 Jan 21
Just had my first time patient experience at MedMen today. Everyone was kind, friendly, and helpful. Mary helped me out and did a great job showing me around. The building is beautiful and open and doesn’t have the same stale dr office feeling other places have. The flower looks great and was reasonably priced. Overall very happy with my experience and will return soon!read more
Lily Slotabec
Lily S.
17:43 31 Dec 20
Really laid back place with a great, knowledgeable staff. Everyone was super friendly and willing to help out, and Sue did a great job helping me find everything I needed and answering my questions! This is a great dispensary!read more
Alexandra Paredes
Alexandra P.
18:05 10 Dec 20
Justin was amazing! He was super patient and thorough. He gave great tips and made it such a great visit! I really liked the feel of the dispensary, it was warm and inviting! I loved the displays and attention to more
Lily Bender
Lily B.
15:21 08 Dec 20
This place is super laid back.. I am immediately greeted when I arrive. They sign me in and I am shown around the floor and any and all questions I may have they answer with a breeze. They have a Bud rewards system so that every dollar you spend you get a point... After 200 points -5$ off !I give this place 5 stars because it is not confusing !!read more
12:38 22 Nov 20
This is the only dispensary I’ve found without a waiting room that allows you to walk up to display tables and inspect the flower with a magnifier and smell the flower. They have lotions, sprays, caps, carts, flowers, and more. 1g carts for $65. Crazy good percentage too and taste good. The Sativa cart I got today is over 80%. Their flower looks and smells amazing. Good prices. Nice staff. Only downfall - not open Sundays, which is half the more
Kelly Worley
Kelly W.
22:26 12 Nov 20
Hands down, the BEST dispensary in St. Pete. I’ve been to others but they just don’t compare! Scott, Sue, Hannah, and Brett H. are experts in their field! There’s nothing they don’t know. Customer service is off the charts too, and the store set-up rivals Apple! Very sophisticated. You will NOT be disappointed!read more
02:07 06 Nov 20
This is the only dispensary I’ve found without a waiting room that allows you to walk up to display tables and inspect the flower with a magnifier and smell the flower. They have lotions, sprays, caps, carts, flowers, and more. 1g carts for $65. Crazy good percentage too and taste good. The Sativa cart I got today is over 80%. Their flower looks and smells amazing. Good prices. Nice more
Matthew Miller
Matthew M.
16:31 20 Oct 20
From Tiffany (the GM) to Mary (my bud tender) the experience was a breath of fresh air. The knowledge of products as well as the compassion shown were unmatched. I honestly was made to feel like a regular, even though this was my first time shopping here. Medmen definitely just won itself another loyal customer. (The prices were exceptional as well.)read more
Afton Imus
Afton I.
14:05 09 Oct 20
Hands down the best experience I’ve had at a dispensary so far! Thank you so much Sue for helping me get products. I’m still trying to find products that work for me so going to the dispensary makes me nervous. She made it very easy! And the layout is awesome. Thank you to everyone for being so kind. I’ll be back soon ❤️read more
Tammy Robinson
Tammy R.
20:01 07 Oct 20
The way this dispensary is setup is how all of the rest should be. It's a true shopping experience. So excited I found them will definitely be going back. Hannah was absolutely helpful and friendly. Prices are great, product taste amazing, and the staff is excellent! What more can you ask more
Matthew Walker
Matthew W.
16:25 26 Sep 20
This is probably one of my favorite dispensaries. The products are amazing. The staff is super inviting and knowledgeable. Sue took her time to educate me on what products were best geared to me depending on the time of day and my needs for comfort. I live about 30 minutes away but I will be returning here for sure. Thank You Sue and MedMenread more
Tessa Cooper
Tessa C.
16:52 23 Sep 20
Sue who works at the st Pete location made my visit so pleasant. It's not always easy asking for the hardship discount.. but she could not have been sweeter.. and near 26%thc on lemon skunk.. can't beat that either!Follow up.. this my new favorite place.. came back a week later and just want to say thanks to Scott and Josh. Was not a fluke. Everyone here is so so nice! And product amazing! I almost don't want share than they get too busy for me..kidding!read more
luke carman
luke C.
16:14 21 Sep 20
The staff at medmen dt St. Pete has been very helpful and informative. Great service and the best prices in town. Even less crowded then most stores I've seen. Id like to keep them my secret but they deserve a good review. Thanks more
Christina Spriggs
Christina S.
13:01 19 Sep 20
I really appreciate the cordial staff and the quality of the meds are best in pinellas county.
Ella Duran
Ella D.
15:39 15 Sep 20
Best dispensary I’ve been to in Florida. Very friendly and inexpensive. Will be coming back for sure!!!
Samantha J
Samantha J
16:21 05 Sep 20
Mary, was a great help, I appreciated the information she was able to provide. The store was super clean and everyone I spoke with, were very nice. And the quality of their products, 5 stars. I will be more
Richard Cassidy
Richard C.
21:59 02 Sep 20
Scott, John, and Su are AMAAAAAAAAAAAAAZING, their recommendations were on point, and delicious.
Evin Janik
Evin J.
01:19 02 Sep 20
Visited MedMen for the first time the other day and had a wonderful experience. Everyone was very friendly. Lydia helped me out and she was so nice! She didn’t make me feel like an of idiot when I asked a question and she answered it really well. I was very impressed! Have already been back!read more
Baylie Marie
Baylie M.
18:59 31 Aug 20
I have to be honest after reading other reviews from other states and patients (from the company as a whole, not my specific location), I was hesitant to go in and purchase anything but thought since each states laws and guidelines are all different and every person can have a different experience I decided to give them a try regardless and I am so glad I did as they are now my #1 go to for not only quality but price. Sue and Justin were both great! They both explained the products thoroughly and answered any questions I had. They gave me a detailed run down of their store and all products they carried. Would definitely recommend especially if its your first time as they are great with making it not feel overwhelming or complex at all. Love their open lay out display as well super interactive and love the touch screens. Great experience with the medications purchased as well. Highly recommend their 7 pk pre-rolls - they are great for single users or someone looking for something smaller and more for personal use, burns slower and more even than other pre-rolls I have purchased also. Super fast online ordering. Go check em out! Discounts to first time patients too!read more
03:21 23 Aug 20
I had a great first experience today got the pleasure of working with Jeffrey, he was very knowledgeable in MedMen product and informative about CBD, THC and it’s benefits. The whole staff was very patient with me as it was 5 minutes past closing time and I was still looking, I didn’t feel one bit rushed. I’m writing this after smoking today’s pick up and I can now say that there flower is A1, will definitely be returning soon. Thanks again more
Chris Rhodes
Chris R.
23:28 21 Aug 20
Enjoyed my experience here. Staff was very polite and knowledgeable. Tiffany was a huge help and the product I received was stellar. See you guys again more
Scarlet Clark
Scarlet C.
01:42 18 Aug 20
Always have Good flower & products. The merchandise is cool ,I 💘 my black on black v-neck! Scott the manager is on point with his info. Thanks for all your help!read more
Katlyn Rafferty
Katlyn R.
13:00 08 Aug 20
This was my first time at MedMen and I was pleasantly surprised! This dispensary was quite different from the others I've visited. Tiffany H. greeted me at the door and was quick to retrieve my online order. She was very attentive and helpful. Everyone there was super nice, they said I could browse around and informed me of all of their deals going on (15% for first time purchases!) The dispensary is very clean and quite big, you can walk around and browse products. They have interactive tablets around all of the products that you can use to get more info on that product. Tiffany H. rang up my order and was kind enough to even add in a preroll that I wanted but forgot to order online. Decent selection of products/accessories too. Thank you!read more
Jen Hughes
Jen H.
12:50 07 Aug 20
Medmen is a different experience than other places, very open and looked like a clean room. The staff is very friendly and knowledgable. Worth checking more
Alec LaFleur
Alec L.
01:41 05 Aug 20
Just have to say thank you to John for helping me pick the correct medicine for my conditions, very knowledgable about all the products. Great selection on disposable pens, got one myself and i was very impressed. Also the sativa pre-rolls. Futuristic on the inside, almost like the apple store except weed. Will for sure be coming more
Jake Hancock
Jake H.
16:47 03 Aug 20
I had the best experience I've ever had at a dispensary today at MedMen. They are years ahead of the game!! Medmen is an example of what the cannabis industry in Florida should be in the next few years. Sylvie and Suling went above and beyond to help me. They treat the business like it is their own and genuinely care about their customers. I 100% recommend Medmen to ANY AND EVERYONE. I couldn't be more satisfied!!read more
Karen Cionci
Karen C.
22:32 30 Jul 20
Scott and John and Justin helped me each time. Today I brought my sister who just got her license. She loved the experience, the store itself, the knowledgeable associates and now has hope for her migraines. Scott was so great with her, she is a nurse of 30+ years. John helped me last week and he was fabulous. I am getting very educated and my migraines what migraines? after almost 3 months using medical marijuana from Med Men ❤️read more
George Cushingberry III
George Cushingberry I.
19:28 27 Jul 20
This was our first time here. Our shop is temporarily closed. Really like this location. Everyone was friendly and courteous. We were helped by Suling. She seemed really knowledgeable about the products and helped me find an alternative since they were out of my favorite product. Will definitely be more
Mike Eaker
Mike E.
22:04 20 Jul 20
First experience with them was a good one. Facility is great. Worked with Brett. Stand up guy. Have me a tour of the facility showing me the different brands and options. Answered all my questions and set me up with 2 510 carts, that are definitely some of the better 510 carts in the area. Do your self a favor and just buy the 1 gram carts best value in the arearead more
Pam Wilson
Pam W.
17:52 16 Jul 20
I had a great experience at Medman. Tiffany took care of me and she was very informative about the products and really helped me with what i needed. I can't wait to go back again and so far im happy with what i more
Tara Giroux
Tara G.
23:37 15 Jul 20
Excellent customer service, clean store and informative staff! Scott gave me a tour which was insightful, then helped me figure out what I needed! Happy about my experience and will definitely be coming more
austin waldo
austin W.
03:33 04 Jul 20
Okay so first ill start by saying I don’t usually write reviews but it was such a good experience I made an exception. but anyways it all started when we were pulling up you see that beautiful red building lookin all elegant in the Florida sunlight, with it being my first time I immediately got filled with excitement I could only compare to being a kid and pulling up to Toys R Us. when we first walked in we were met at the door by a very friendly and inviting young man who checked us in and offered us a tour which is where we met Hanna who was also very friendly and inviting who walked us around the store explaining the different products giving us her personal experiences with them. Hanna had a vast knowledge of their products not just the normal “its a sativa, it’ll put a pep in ya step” or whatever, she actually explained to us how shes used it and how it has helped her, I’ve never tried tinctures and had no plan to, I’m usually sticking to flower and dabs but after Hanna explained how the zen tinctures helped her tension headaches I had to try it. Now not talking about knowledge just her and her coworkers personalities alone are enough to get you to come back all enjoy what they do and are happy to be there and it shows, pair that with vast product and price knowledge and it makes it hard to not wanna come back. From the eye catching building to the simple yet aesthetically pleasing interior decor down to their enthusiastic and knowledgable staff, all matched with great prices and I gotta say this is by far the best dispensary and dispensary experience I’ve had and once they get rosin or wax this will be my regular spot, I highly recommend y’all stop by and ask for Hanna she will take great care of youread more
Michael Yarnall
Michael Y.
17:18 18 Jun 20
I used the online ordering system, which is brand new, and it was seamless! Walk in, grab your stuff and go! Suling and the crew are on top of it and are really focused on getting you in and out without any hassle. Once I found Medmen, I haven't been to another dispensary. They have high quality, everything! You have to check them out!!read more
20:52 11 Jun 20
I was assisted by Brett, who was patient and very clear when helping me find what my doctor recommended. It was a clean calm and pleasant experience, and the facility is beautiful in and out. Social distancing was practiced, so you will be safe and comfortable. I am so grateful to this staff, thank you!read more
Donald Thomas
Donald T.
20:30 08 Jun 20
Stopped by today for the first time and was surprised by the quality and service. Brett was very kind and walked us through the products to make sure we got a good deal on everything we needed. Definitely try MedMen if you're looking for a dispensary in St.Pete!read more
Sarah Herbert
Sarah H.
18:08 29 May 20
Honestly, I can't think of a single negative thing to say about MedMen on 5th Ave N. here in St. Pete!! This place has become my "go to" for just about everything. The prices offered here are the best I've seen, hands down. And from the quality of the products, down to their employees, especially Josh😊 lol seems like everytime I go in, he's working and is always extremely helpful and knowledgeable when helping me pick out what I need on that particular day. All the employees there, from the management to the sales associates, are all just very warm and welcoming, every single time I visit. Smiling faces are always waiting to greet me at the door, like they don't make you feel like a "criminal" for being there lol ya know? They treat you like a VIP customer every time, at least that's been my experience, and that's why I will continue to keep going back to MedMen as long as I can! I wish I knew more of your names, because there are so many employees that help me and deserve the recognition. But I'm sure I will eventually😉 They are all absolutely incredible!!! 💚💚💚💚💚💨*** the only negative thing I could possibly think of is that unfortunately, y'all don't sell flower bud there just yet, only the pre-rolls. But those are👌🏼so when they do, you will officially become my "one stop shop!"read more
John Henry
John H.
01:21 11 May 20
To the amazing staff at MedMen St. Pete...Sue,Tiffany,Brett,Josh..Thank you!! You all have made my experience both comfortable and convenient each and everytime. It takes seconds to be connected with an in-store associate to place my orders. All the staff there are incredibly helpful and fully knowledgeable about all of their products. Great Dispensary. Highly more
Ana Clarke
Ana C.
17:27 02 May 20
I had Scott explained how to use the product the best out of all the other Dispensary. The best prices of all the other dispensaries. The breakdown on what each strain is more
09:42 28 Apr 20
Sorry, I meant to write this review a couple of months ago when I visited. The store layout is very impressive. Lots of walking room, very clean, I like that you could see and smell the flower they offered. Watching through the windows in front while Hannah went into the flower vault to get my order ready was cool. Speaking of Hannah, she was very inviting when I entered, nice, very patient giving me a tour of the place. I give her 5 stars. I bought a 1/8th of "Harley Who". The price and discount was OK but I wasn't all that impressed with this strain, nothing outstanding, just average effects and taste. I bought some pre-rolls of 3-4 of the different strains available, can't remember which ones but they were OK. There's at least 6 other dispensaries around St. Pete besides MedMen, I usually frequent 3 of them but I've been planning to go back to MM again soon and try some other stains from MM. But, there's so many strains that I like to chose from at the major player in town. I suggest MM offer lower priced minis, popcorn, smalls or whatever they want to call them and up their VA discount to 20-25% off if they want to catch more business and also be able to stack discounts. I probably will visit again in the near more
Your Daddy
Your D.
22:28 24 Apr 20
The cartridges are poor quality. They leak more than half the product that gets sucked through the tip making them clogged at the beginning of each use. I bought two. Had to return one because it wouldn’t vaporize the liquid. The tip fell of of the one I received as the replacement. They are cheaper than most around though, but may not be worth it for the amount that gets wasted. If they had better atomizers, it would be more
Andrea Diruggiero
Andrea D.
19:00 06 Mar 20
Medmen in St Pete is great! Super friendly and knowledgeable staff. Jeff and Scott are usually who I see and they are both excellent at what they do. The flower is always good and it’s a cool looking place too! Nice vibe 😎read more
byron Brown
byron B.
16:52 04 Mar 20
What a great store ! Dont have a medical card ? You will after visiting this store. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable about all the products they sell.very high quality products and the display/layout is beautiful I encourage everyone to check this dispensary out. I wont lie first walking up to the doors I was intimidated but the staff put my nervousness at ease immediately. You can tell the staff really cares about their customers and their wellbeingread more
Kyle Moss
Kyle M.
23:26 15 Feb 20
From being out of town and without I stumbled upon this haven of goodies. Not only did Brett give me a detailed tour but I also learned about some products I wasn’t aware existed. Highly recommend this place. I will be traveling to this destination more in the more
Melinda Anthony
Melinda A.
15:28 01 Feb 20
I have been a frequent customer since MedMen opened in St. Pete. Justin W. and Scott are always super knowledgeable and friendly. The rest of the staff is as well, but I seem to be helped by those nice guys the most. The prices are the least expensive for cartridges in town. The flower is a little higher in price point than I have seen around but nothing outrageous. Always out and in quickly. They do sales and BOGO sometimes. Plus their rewards program adds up quickly and they will happily let you stack all your discounts. Nice more
Brian Scheall
Brian S.
21:18 22 Jan 20
I was treated extremely kind by the staff and the products are very good!! Tincture works better than other companies and it’s the cheapest of any dispensary in the whole area. I tried a bit of everything and I have no complaints...highly recommended!!read more
Sarah Herbert
Sarah H.
01:06 22 Jan 20
Honestly, I can't think of a single negative thing to say about MedMen on 5th Ave N. here in St. Pete!!🤷🏼‍♀️ This place has become my "go to" for just about everything. The prices offered here are the best I've seen, hands down. And from the quality of the products, down to their employees, especially Josh😊 lol seems like everytime I go in, he's working and is always extremely helpful and knowledgeable when helping me pick out what I need on that particular day. All the employees there, from the management to the sales associates, are all just very warm and welcoming, every single time I visit. Smiling faces are always waiting to greet me at the door, like they don't make you feel like a "criminal" for being there lol ya know? They treat you like a VIP customer every time, at least that's been my experience, and that's why I will continue to keep going back to MedMen as long as I can! I wish I knew more of your names, because there are so many employees that help me and deserve the recognition. But I'm sure I will eventually😉 They are all absolutely incredible!!! 💚💚💚💚💚💨*** the only negative thing I could possibly think of is that unfortunately, y'all don't sell flower bud there just yet, only the pre-rolls. But those are👌🏼so when they do, you will officially become my "one stop shop!"read more
Corey Anderson
Corey A.
23:43 27 Dec 19
The shop has a new modern design to it, doesn't look like any dispensary I've seen in Fl yet. The price for the item I got was the cheapest I've seen in the state; and the packaging for the items you get are pretty cool. Fans of the show MadMen will enjoy it. Sue & Harrison were both very knowledgeable and friendly they both really made my first time visiting a great more
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