Memo: NBA OK's in-person prospect evaluations

6:34 PM ET

The NBA league office is eliminating many restrictions on in-person evaluations and interviews, according to a memo to teams obtained by ESPN.

The NBA draft, originally scheduled for June 25, has been postponed several times to a tentative date of Nov. 18.

From Oct. 16 to Nov. 16, teams may schedule 10 visits of up to 4½ hours with draft-eligible players for the purpose of in-person evaluations, interviews or medical evaluation, according to the memo. Each team will be allowed to send three team personnel and one physician to the city where the player resides. Players may be accompanied by up to three individuals, such as a family member, trainer or agent. Teams may meet only twice with any single player.

No later than 48 hours prior to each visit, the team must submit a certification form to the league office informing it of its plans. At the player’s discretion, multiple teams can be invited to evaluate an on-court workout simultaneously, provided health and safety protocols are observed. A pro-day-style workout of this nature will count toward all of the attending teams’ 10-visit limitation.

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Within 72 hours prior to any visit, all participants

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