Mets' Jacob deGrom Shouts Out Syndergaard, Thanks for the $137 Mil Help!

Mets’ Jacob deGrom Shouts Out Syndergaard Thanks for the $137 Mil Help!


Mets ace Jacob deGrom says he’s got 137 MILLION reasons to thank Noah Syndergaard … ’cause the star pitcher tells TMZ Sports his teammate helped him seal the deal on his new contract!!

Of course, deGrom had been fighting for a new deal for months after winning the Cy Young last year … even reportedly threatening to put a cap on his innings this season if a contract didn’t get done.

Enter Syndergaard … who told Mets ownership “pay the man already” — and when it worked to the tune of 5 years, $137.5 MILLION — Jacob was super thankful.

“It was cool,” deGrom says when we got him out in D.C. on Wednesday … “We’re out there fighting together and seeing him pulling for me, I appreciate it.”

As for what deGrom did after inking that mammoth contract … he tells us there were no steak dinners or fancy parties …

“I had to get a physical and then I get to pitch tomorrow.”

Not quite champagne and lobster … but hey, he does get 5 days off once he finishes up with

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