Michael Waltz condemns quickie impeachment plan

Rep. Michael Waltz was troubled enough by the Capitol siege to drop his own objections to Joe Biden’s election win. But he won’t sign on to an effort to impeach Donald Trump.

The St. Augustine Republican issued a strong statement slamming Democratic plans to fast-track a second round of impeachment articles.

“I condemn the latest calls from Speaker [Nancy] Pelosi and Democrats to pursue impeaching Preisdent Trump just days before we peacefully transition,” Waltz said. “The President himself has publicly expressed his intent for an orderly transition and Democrats should not be throwing gasoline on the fire rather than lowering the temperature of political discord.”

Waltz notably had been a vocal proponent of challenging several slates of electors for battleground states won by Biden. But after rioters invaded the Capitol during a pro forma session certifying the election results, Waltz changed course and voted against any challenge. He said at the time he had seen legal objections as an example how America settles disputes through legal mechanisms, not violent uprisings.

But he seemed to conclude after riots broke out that the objections in fact fueled unrest about the presidential election results.

“With today’s despicable display of violence and intimidation on

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