Nick: Gentlemen! I’m getting déjà vu, didn’t we do this already?

James: Make a mediocre movie about time travel with Denzel Washington?

Nick: I just want to know the jerk of a boss that scheduled us here when we could be getting real work done.

James: Well, you know what the kids say. If you point one finger at me, there are three pointing back at you so…

Will: We talked a good bit about the offense last time. Plenty of pieces that should provide some continuity on offense (e.g. Speight, Evans, Cole, etc.). But what about defense? The defense was dominant last season, enough so that give or take five points and we’re undefeated, Big 10 champs and a playoff team. What about this season, y’all? Can the youth catch up in a hurry and be dominant again?

James: Thankfully while the defense isn’t returning a lot of starters, it is returning a fair bit of depth – particularly up front. Guys like Rashan Gary, Mo Hurst, Chase Winovich, and Bryan Mone can provide leadership. They weren’t starters last year but they are rotational players that should be able to step into the starting role.

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Nick: Yeah, I think this defense has a lot of athletic freaks and while this amount of turnover is never ideal, I’m feeling weirdly optimistic that the young guys will be able to fill their roles pretty well. It is tougher for young, first-year starters on defense, though.

Will: I think the defensive line can mask the learning curve the

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