Migrant crisis: Hundreds protest at Hungary station ban

2 September 2015

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Hundreds of migrants have protested for a second day at Hungary’s decision to prevent them from travelling on towards Germany and other EU countries.They are among 2,000 people camped at Budapest’s Keleti train station, having bought tickets for onward journeys.Meanwhile, more than 4,000 migrants arrived in mainland Greece from the island of Lesbos overnight.The EU is struggling to deal with the largest number of refugees on the move since the end of World War Two.Latest updates

Elsewhere on Wednesday:Turkish media say 11 migrants drowned trying to reach Greece
Aid agency Medecins Sans Frontieres tweets that two of its boats have rescued nearly 1,000 people from the Mediterranean
Police in Austria release 24 Afghan migrants who were in danger of suffocating from the back of van
Eurostar trains between London and Paris were disrupted overnight after migrants got on to train tracks

Syrian’s perilous journey to SwedenIn photos: One day across destination Europe Five obstacles to an EU migrants dealThe migrants who risk everything for a better lifeFull coverage of Europe migrant crisisSome 2,000 migrants camped overnight at Keleti station in east Budapest, having been prevented from boarding trains on Tuesday.They had bought tickets after Hungary appeared to abandon efforts on Monday to register migrants, allowing huge numbers to board trains to Vienna and southern Germany.Hungary gave little detail on its apparent U-turn, except to say it was trying to fulfil its obligations as an EU member to uphold border controls.Hundreds of migrants again protested on Wednesday morning, chanting “Freedom, freedom” and waving train tickets, complaining they had paid hundreds of euros for the onward journeys.Journalists at the scene said tensions were high as the migrants faced off with riot police.

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At-the-scene: Nick Thorpe in Budapest, HungaryThe stalemate around Keleti station continues. Many families are trying to decide what to do now. Everyone is asking each other the same question – will they be allowed to carry on their journeys or are they stuck here until their money runs out?Lines of police are currently blocking the entrance to the station. People are very frustrated and very angry.I was talking to two Syrian girls who said they hadn’t washed for days. They said the Hungarians looked down on them, and that hotels and restaurants around the station were …Read More