Migrant crisis: Hungary buses migrants to Austria border

4 September 2015

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Hungary has sent buses to transport migrants to Austria’s border after more than 1,000 began walking there earlier.The BBC’s Matthew Price reported late on Friday evening that buses had arrived on the roadside and that one had left carrying migrants to Austria.The migrants left Budapest station on foot after a stand-off with police, defying official efforts to take them to reception centres and register them.European Union states are struggling to agree on how to deal with the crisis.Earlier on Friday another group of migrants escaped along railway tracks in Bicske, to the west, from a train stopped by police.

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Some of the migrants had small children in pushchairs with them

The surprise announcement by Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s chief of staff late on Friday night followed several days of chaotic scenes.Janos Lazar said Hungary would offer buses to those walking along the main motorway to Vienna, as well as to migrants still at Budapest’s Keleti railway station.The buses would take people to Hegyeshalom, on the border with Austria. “We are taking this step so Hungary’s transportation is not paralysed during the next 24 hours,” Mr Lazar said, according to the Associated Press news agency.An Austrian interior ministry statement (in German) said that the police and the Red Cross were standing ready to receive the migrants.They would have the opportunity to apply for asylum in Austria, the statement said.Austrian Chancellor Werner Faymann said in a Facebook post (in German) that Germany was also willing to receive them.

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Several migrants on the march have held large photos of German Chancellor Angela Merkel

The BBC’s Matthew Price, walking with the migrants, said that as night fell, many continued to walk, but others – including a family with five children – appeared to stop for the night on the hard shoulder, or in adjacent fields.Hungary has become a major transit nation for people fleeing the Middle East and Africa, seeking to reach north and west Europe.Also on Friday:The body of three-year-old Alan Kurdi, images of whose body sparked global outrage, was buried in Kobane, Syria

There were clashes at Keleti station after far-right extremists threw two firecrackers towards migrants, sparking an angry response
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