Mike Bloomberg-backed PAC touts Joe Biden’s plan to rebuild the economy

Across Florida, Mike Bloomberg’s Independence USA PAC is airing a new television ad highlighting Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden‘s plan to rebuild America’s economy.

Bloomberg, a billionaire former New York City Mayor, has pledged $100 million to Biden’s efforts in the Sunshine State. This week, Bloomberg and organizations he has partnered with have flooded the zone with advertisements targeting seniors, minority groups and more.

The new ad, called “Build Back Better,” will air in all of Florida’s ten media markets. It lays plans for American manufacturing, affordable childcare programs, technology investments and a middle class tax cut and business tax credits.

“That’s how Joe Biden will bring this economy roaring back,” the ad said. “Want proof? He did it before. Joe will do it again.”

Independence USA PAC’s ads will run daily across all ten Florida media markets in the 17 remaining days until Election Day.

“Joe Biden has helped lead our country through an economic recovery once – and he’ll do it again,” Bloomberg said. “Joe has a plan to rebuild the middle class by investing in the American workforce – not giving tax breaks to people like me who don’t need them – and

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