MLB offseason preview: What's next for teams already out of the playoffs

5:29 PM ET

For MLB teams that didn’t go far into the postseason — and those that didn’t get there at all — there’s only so much time to spend on reflection before starting in on identifying what they need to get done during the offseason. Whether it’s re-signing a key free agent, addressing a key weakness that undermined their bid to win in 2020 or investigating a big trade that could turn around their fortunes, we look at the priority items on every team’s agenda heading into Hot Stove season.

Eliminated NL playoff teams

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It’s hard to know how 2020 will affect the numbers, but Javier Baez wasn’t far from signing a deal before baseball shut down in March. That wasn’t long after Christian Yelich signed for nine years and $215 million with the Brewers. Baez won’t get that much, though the Cubs might like a lengthy deal to spread out the annual hit.Where Cubs go next

The rotation carried the team in 2020, but there is no way the Reds will be able to afford to keep Trevor Bauer, who played for $17 million and could command $30 million on a one-year contract

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