Every baseball season has its surprises. But this year’s plot twists were, well, particularly surprising. Just ask Jacob deGrom. And Max Muncy. And the Baltimore Orioles. And … 

8:00 AM ET

In the cold nights of winter, I often like to play a game called If I’d Told You X Before The Season. For example:

If I’d told you before the season Max Muncy would play 140 games for the Dodgers, would you have figured the Dodgers were terrible (what strange disasters would be required to move Max Muncy that far up the depth chart?) or great (because they’d somehow stumbled onto another unexpected overachiever)? This game works not just because our imaginations are generally too limited to imagine Max Muncy, of all people, crawling out of the pits, and the Dodgers, of all teams, somehow not dominating; but because they’re too limited to further imagine all the other weird unimaginables bumping into it: Muncy not just playing but being the Dodgers’ best hitter; Muncy in the Home Run Derby; Muncy batting third or fourth in the lineup; Muncy drawing the fourth-highest walk rate in the sport; Muncy a superstar.

It’s not winter and it’s not cold, but

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