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About MMTC in Ocala – Dr Douglas Hall is a qualified recommending doctor & Medical Marijuana Treatment Clinics Partner in Ocala. Our outstanding partners maintain a primary focus of supporting patients seeking effective cannabis-based alternative treatments. Our mission is accomplished in a manner which complies with state laws, local ordinances, and medical board guidelines, as well as keeps service costs to a minimum. These core principals allow our patients continued access to Florida’s medical marijuana program.

Dr Douglas Hall

1317 SE 25th Loop
Ocala, FL 34471

Hours: Weekdays 9-5 By Appointment

Initial Visit: $299 – Renewal: $99 – $199

Phone: 850-601-1058

Email: [email protected]

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Shelby Fordham
Shelby Fordham
20:38 13 Jul 18
I am AMAZED by the thorough and compassionate care I received from Dr. Hall and his staff. I was seen as a new patient less than 24 hours after I came into contact with his office. During our appointment, he shed light on some very significant health issues that I have been suffering from for YEARS and immediately called in a script for me. Dr. Hall also had other concerns about my health after reviewing blood work from my previous provider and currently wishes to seek out the CAUSE of these issues, instead of just saying "here's a new medication to try, now fetch!" He truly "Does no harm" and has genuine concern for his patients- even brand new ones! 😊read more
Tabatha Dean
Tabatha Dean
14:53 25 Jul 18
The Thyroid, Hormone, and Functional Medicine GURU! If you're looking for a business man, look elsewhere! If you're looking for a physician who cares about you and not his wallet and is absolutely brilliant, then look no further! Dr. Hall is the one for you!read more
Linda DeGuere
Linda DeGuere
19:28 20 Jun 18
So great! I had a low thyroid and he got it under control with natural T3.What a wonderful Man and Doctor. He more
Anonymous Email
Anonymous Email
17:55 13 Jun 18
My friend went to Yunique Medical for a hormone pellet and she complained to me about all the symptoms she experienced with weight gain, hair loss, vaginal bleeding and acne. Thank God Dr. Hall is still practicing! I went with my friend to her visit with Dr. Hall and he was very compassionate and listened to every word even though she was crying. Her Testosterone levels were astronomically high and he set up a protocol for her to follow and she is already noticing a difference. She is so happy she didn't schedule another hormone pellet with Yunique before seeing Dr. Hall. I am excited about my appointment with him next week! I lived in California and New York and there is no doctor out there like him!read more
Unknown User
Unknown User
17:14 21 Nov 17
I took all the supplements as suggested and I never saw any results. Plus the doctor is so hard to understand. The office now doesn't accept insurance and makes you pay before scheduling an appointment. 👎read more
10:37 06 Nov 18
Doctor Hall is AMAZING!!!!! I struggled with my disorder for over 20 years before I found him. With my hormones going crazy and the underlying, life was at times, unbearable! He is caring, he listens and is truly knowledgeable. I'm grateful for the life he gave back to me!read more
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